Migrate Workloads to New Server Hardware

Whenever you get new servers you have to spend a lot of time reinstalling and reconfiguring them. We can help. We can move entire server workloads to the new servers, over the network, unattended, while the original servers are still running.

We help you…

Move workloads from old servers to new ones, instead of rebuilding them

All too often, upgrading your server hardware means that you must rebuild and configure the entire workload on new hardware. For a single server, this can take several hours. For dozens or hundreds of servers, this can tie up your IT staff for weeks or even months. It takes even longer when you have to schedule the work for evenings and weekends to avoid production downtime. And when your IT staff is busy babysitting migration consoles, other important projects are delayed.

We help you dramatically reduce the time required for hardware migration projects. We provide a fully automated way to migrate multiple concurrent workloads to and from a wide range of physical and virtual containers. With PlateSpin Migrate, you won’t have to manually rebuild and configure new servers ever again. And your IT staff doesn’t need to babysit consoles while data is being transferred. Result: You complete your projects on budget and on time, and everyone gets their evenings and weekends back.

Switch server vendors and models with ease

Many data center servers are upgraded on a three-year cycle. Some server hardware vendors have software to help customers upgrade from older servers to newer ones. But most often, upgrading server hardware requires you to completely rebuild and configure the entire workload on the new hardware. And when an organization switches server vendors (e.g., from Dell to HP), the migration is almost always an entirely manual process.

PlateSpin® Migrate can move and copy workloads across a broad range of virtual machines and hypervisors, as well as different makes and models of physical servers. By automatically adding required drivers and removing unnecessary ones, PlateSpin Migrate lets you upgrade hardware as easily as you upgrade software.

Secure the workload migration process

Security is often overlooked in workload migrations. The tedious work of rebuilding and configuring new replacement servers is often assigned to junior IT staff. These staff members need added administrator privileges on both the old and new servers to do that work. For critical servers, giving administrator rights to junior staff can present a substantial security and compliance risk.

The unique architecture of PlateSpin Migrate lets you give the administrator rights for the source and target workloads to PlateSpin Migrate, not to the human operator. This means you can assign contractors or junior staff to perform server migrations without giving them administrator privileges that would let them log in to either the source or target servers.