Move a Data Center While It's Still Running

Mergers and acquisitions can leave you with many data centers scattered around the country or the globe. Your job is to consolidate them—different hardware, different operating systems, and different hypervisors—with maximum uptime.

We help you…

Migrate workloads instead of shipping or rebuilding servers

When you have to move servers from one data center to another, your choices are often bad and worse. Shipping your servers takes time and can result in damage. And rebuilding and configuring workloads on new hardware can take several hours for a single server, and weeks or months for dozens or hundreds of servers.

We help you dramatically reduce this timeframe. With a completely automated way to migrate several concurrent workloads, PlateSpin Migrate eliminates the need to ship your existing servers, or manually rebuild and configure new ones. By streaming server workloads over the network from one location to another, PlateSpin® Migrate lets you complete your data center migration project quickly and effortlessly.

Minimize downtime with live migrations

Some IT staffs schedule nights and weekends for migration from physical servers to virtual machines. They are trying to avoid costly downtime for each workload being migrated, but this can significantly lengthen the overall data center migration timeline. It also makes projects more expensive if a lot of evening or weekend overtime is required.

PlateSpin Migrate lets you copy a physical server to a virtual host without taking the source physical server offline. You can even synchronize changes to keep the virtual copy up-to-date while the original is still live in production. This means that the longest parts of a typical migration—the initial copy, and testing the copy—can both happen without any downtime at all.

Finish faster with multiple concurrent migrations

Most virtualization platform vendors have software to help customers perform physical-to-virtual (P2V) migrations, usually to their own platforms only. While using such a tool is faster than completely rebuilding and configuring the entire workload as a virtual machine, it can still take several hours to complete each individual server migration. Since server consolidation projects often involve dozens or hundreds of servers, they can tie up IT staff for weeks or even months.

We help you to dramatically reduce the time required for large-scale server consolidation projects. PlateSpin Migrate performs multiple migrations—up to 40—concurrently, which helps you complete your server consolidation projects on time.

Test migrations before going live

When you are migrating critical workloads, it is important to be able to test the newly-created workloads in the virtual environment before they go live in production. But with most vendor-supplied P2V tools, migrations cannot be paused or tested. They can only be aborted and restarted.

We let you test new workloads before they go live. And with the Server Sync technology in PlateSpin Migrate, you can even synchronize production changes that occurred during testing so you don’t have to copy the workload all over again. Your data center migration will be much less stressful because of the ability to thoroughly test before you go live. PlateSpin Migrate gives you the confidence and peace of mind that your new servers—virtual or physical—will perform as expected in their new locations.