Move Servers to the Cloud Without a Performance Hit

In today's dynamic world, enterprises are relentlessly looking for better ways to manage infrastructure, systems and applications—and this often leads to the execution of projects where large numbers of workloads are moved into a managed or public cloud.

We help you…

Migrate to the cloud without unnecessary difficulties

Moving to the cloud has never been easier. PlateSpin® Migrate supports both Windows and Linux workloads, and makes migrations to the cloud as easy as migrations to more traditional environments like VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V. Administrators with a basic knowledge of these traditional migration types will have no problem understanding the functionality in PlateSpin Migrate that allows them to migrate workloads to cloud platforms.

Move Windows and Linux workloads

Unlike competing offerings, PlateSpin Migrate has always supported enterprise Linux workloads to the same extent as Microsoft Windows workloads. This is also the case for migrations to the cloud. This dual support allows you to create a single process for all your cloud migrations, instead of having to use several different tools—or worse, having to rebuild certain workloads from scratch in the cloud.