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Micro Focus is able to offer “Web Editions” of selected products from our Online Store. If you wish to purchase any products, services or items which are not offered or distributed in this online store, please contact Micro Focus.

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Web Test Automation

Borland Silk Test Web Edition automates the functionality testing of Web 2.0 applications running in any browser, browser version or locale.
Silk Test Web Edition

Silk Test Web Edition

12 months support available

Terminal Emulation

Micro Focus Rumba is the world’s most widely used terminal emulator. Rumba provides connectivity from Microsoft Windows desktops to any host system with mission critical reliability.
rumba mainframe

Rumba Web Edition

12 months support included

Software Change & Configuration Management

Borland StarTeam® is a software change and configuration management solution designed to meet the needs of diverse development teams regardless of size, distribution and work style.

StarTeam Web Edition

12 months support included

Code Quality Analysis

Micro Focus DevPartner ensures that code is right the first time, saving time and effort spent locating software defects, memory leaks, performance bottle necks, configuration issues and other nasty surprises.

DevPartner Web Edition

12 months support available

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