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Axon wanted to win more business by reaching out to CIOs and key technology decision makers with more flexible, affordable and easy-to-manage disaster recovery solutions. Axon deployed a Micro Focus disaster recovery solution to deliver a monthly pay-as-you-go Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service model to its customers, enabling Axon to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on functionality and reliability.

“Thanks to PlateSpin Protect...we added three new high-revenue clients in the last eight months.”

Nataraj KR
Director of Technology
Axon Networks Solutions

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  • Added three new high-revenue clients equaling a 50% increase in margins
  • Provided a competitive advantage to the organization


Axon Networks Solutions (Axon) is an IT services provider specializing in offering both open source and standard technologies to clients operating in a wide range of industries. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India and has offices and operations across India, the Middle East and the Americas.


Axon recognized an opportunity to expand its revenue and client base by approaching CIOs and key technology decision makers to promote its disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

Nataraj KR, director of technology at Axon Network Solutions, said, “Generally, CIOs are reluctant to invest hard-won revenues in new projects unless there is a clearly articulated value proposition. The challenge with DR projects is that the benefits are often only clear once an incident has occurred and the damage is done. To win new business, we wanted to make it simple for CIOs to build the business case for DR by offering highly cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solutions.”

Axon aimed to offer a DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) model on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis, making it more affordable for clients to rapidly deploy robust, reliable DR solutions.


On the lookout for a cutting-edge solution that was cost-efficient and easy to manage, Axon evaluated several offerings. Ultimately, the company decided to deploy PlateSpin Protect because it met its needs in terms of cost-efficiency, rapid deployment and ease of management.

PlateSpin Protect provides a single point of control for hardware across primary and remote recovery sites, cutting the time and costs involved in infrastructure management. The solution also creates and distributes event logs for optimized management of the DR plan. “One of the most valuable features of PlateSpin Protect is the ability to restore workloads to any available server, either physical or virtual,” said Nataraj KR. “This enables us to get systems back up and running and restore business-as-usual quickly.

“Moreover, there is no need to keep redundant hardware available for recovery purposes, which helps streamline our operational costs.”

Together with a flexible cloud pricing model, the solution enables Axon to pay for its usage on a monthly basis, reducing the need for a costly up-front capital investment in software licenses.


Axon expanded its portfolio of DR solutions by launching an innovative DRaaS offering based on PlateSpin Protect, generating additional revenues.

“Thanks to PlateSpin Protect...we added three new high-revenue clients in the last eight months. This has helped us achieve a 50% increase in our margins,” said Nataraj KR.

The company is now observing a far greater demand for DR services from its clients, thanks to the considerable reductions in cost, time and effort required to implement this cutting-edge solution.

Nataraj KR said, “PlateSpin Protect...provides us with a clear competitive advantage in terms of low costs, ease of management and rapid deployment.

“In the past, whenever we approached a CIO, we focused on applications and infrastructure, and we had a more limited view of what we could effectively provide in terms of service. With the Micro Focus solution, we can market our DR services much more confidently and propose much more attractive solutions to new clients. The results speak for themselves.”