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CSC Financial Services Group
Success Story

Micro Focus and CSC partner to extract more value from computing assets.

“We get the best capability in both a mainframe and server environment from working with Micro Focus Technology.”

Steve Westerholm
Technical Architect

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  • 40% reduced cost
  • Improved customer service
  • 25% improved developer productivity
  • Lower deployment charges and faster runtime for clients


Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a leading global IT services company. Its comprehensive IT solutions help companies manage complex business processes. CSC Financial Services Group (FSG) is one of the company’s largest commercial vertical markets and represents more than 15% of CSC revenues. FSG serves nearly 5,500 financial services clients across 50 countries.


For over two decades, Micro Focus has partnered with CSC to provide tools for testing and application development in a Windows environment. The two companies enjoy a strong relationship, working closely together to ensure that Micro Focus’ technology provides a solid foundation for CSC’s solutions. To extract maximum value from existing assets, CSC needed to find a cost-effective way to enhance and deploy its financial services software on both mainframes and distributed environments.


In recent years, CSC Financial Services Group has used Micro Focus products for development and testing of their VANTAGE-ONE solutions in a Windows environment before delivering the final, mainframe-based solution to clients. The technology means that applications can be developed and tested faster and more cost effectively than using traditional mainframe-based tools such as ISPF.

Importantly VANTAGE-ONE is a customizable environment, and CSC recommends the Micro Focus products to clients to allow cost-effective, specific source code tailoring.

CSC Financial Services Group has developed a new line of business to sell alternative solutions to clients looking for a lower-cost development environment. This offers a ‘mid-tier’ deployment setting which allows them to leverage their critical mainframe-based applications. The basis for the new “mid-tier” solution was the Micro Focus development environment which CSC was already providing to those clients using the VANTAGE-ONE solution who wanted to do their own development work. This is supplemented by Micro Focus Enterprise Server® to enable deployment to new platforms. Using the same capabilities and technology, plus trusted mainframe compatible solutions from Micro Focus, enables CSC to package an entirely new solution for its clients. CSC can now deliver greater choice and capability much faster than attempting to provide these solutions separately. The new solution enables thousands of programs that would normally run on a mainframe environment under CICS and JCL to run in a flexible, lower cost Windows server environment.

The developers at CSC are pleased. “We have worked with Micro Focus for many years to provide cost-effective development tools for our products. We get the best capability in both a mainframe and server environment from working with Micro Focus technology,” says Steve Westerholm, Technical Architect at CSC.

From ease of development to opening up new markets for CSC’s solutions, Micro Focus has been a key provider of technology that gives customers additional choice. “Many financial services companies that are hindered by strict internal cost justification requirements are extremely interested in a new solution which allows critical mainframe-based applications to run on a lower-cost environment, such as the desktop or server,” explains White. “Micro Focus was the easy choice to help create this new product.”


The real advantage is choice. “We can now offer financial services companies either a mainframe-based solution or server-based solution because of Micro Focus,” explains White. “Our mainframe-based solution offers clients improved productivity, reduced development costs and additional customization from working with Micro Focus to tailor their source code. Our early benchmarks indicate that companies can see, on average, a productivity improvement of at least 25%.”

After actual product development and testing CSC estimates the company will achieve $600,000 in annual mainframe costs savings. These cost savings and productivity gains add up to improved customer service as CSC is able to provide its clients with additional application capability. “Using Micro Focus means we can deliver more system capability to our clients because we improved our own productivity. We estimate our overall cost savings from improved productivity to be 40%,” says White.

White concludes:, “We consider Micro Focus a partner in the truest sense. We derive operational savings and are quicker to market thanks to what Micro Focus offers us, while Micro Focus is able to tailor its product to be the best available for the market thanks to our direct work with them. In addition, Micro Focus’ products allow us to demonstrate our products running on a variety of environments. This ability provides more opportunity for a wide array of solutions to our clients and gives us the opportunity to increase our systems implementation and solution services.”