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Fortune 500 Business Services Company
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Fortune 500 business services company drives higher client satisfaction.

"Within just three months of implementing Serena (now part of Micro Focus), our client satisfaction rates went up."

Fortune 500 Business
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  • Reduced rework and errors through greater process control
  • Improved responsiveness and quality, which brought higher client satisfaction
  • Provided greater visibility into project status across the application lifecycle
  • Increased flexibility to model and deploy changes


This customer is one of the world’s largest business services providers, with hundreds of thousands of clients, several thousand employees and billions in annual revenue. The company consists of a number of business units that rely on internally developed applications to process thousands of daily transactions around the world. Competition in the company’s market is primarily based on responsiveness, quality and price, so this customer needs to deliver new applications and enhancements quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.


While this customer has been in business for over 70 years, it has experienced dramatic growth in the last several years through business diversification, acquisitions and international expansion. As a result, this company also had to develop enterprise applications for its growing number of clients at breakneck speed. The company implemented a software code vault to help coordinate development efforts, as well as multiple homegrown systems to help manage the entire application development lifecycle—from request to release.

However, because this business services provider had hundreds of developers, using a basic vault proved to be problematic. The vault lacked the proper process control for global development, often resulting in code being improperly checked in and out. Written-over code, frequent rework and redeployments to production to resolve issues were not uncommon. Its homegrown systems were also inflexible, expensive to maintain and unresponsive to business needs. Along with the source code vault, they also failed to provide enough visibility into completion status, status changes across the development lifecycle, task ownership and other metrics that management and the business needed.


Several years ago, this customer deployed Micro Focus Dimensions CM and Micro Focus Solutions Business Manager to bring greater control and visibility over its entire application development lifecycle. When looking for technology alternatives, this Fortune 500 company looked fora solution that could balance the company’s need for speed with the right level of process governance. According to one of the company’s IT managers, “We wanted process control, a mechanism to assign ownership and control the process from beginning to end—that’s why we picked Serena (now part of Micro Focus).”

In order to make the implementation successful, this customer followed four key best practices. First, as for any technology implementation, it ensured that there was executive support to champion the Micro Focus implementation. Second, the company made sure that it sufficiently educated its thousands of users and handful of administrators. Since people are often reluctant to change, a great deal of time was spent getting buy-in from users—enrolling them to help redefine processes, identify bottlenecks and determine appropriate roles and responsibilities. Working closely with the Micro Focus team was the final best practice that ensured a smooth rollout. Once the company followed these guidelines, setting up and deploying the Micro Focus products was relatively easy.

As Micro Focus was being implemented, the integration between Dimensions CM and SBM was critical. Dimensions CM provides robust software configuration management capabilities, so errors and rework are greatly reduced. But this customer also wanted to ensure that what occurred in development was visible and tracked across the entire lifecycle. As developers check in code and tasks are completed, SBM helps everyone in the company see the information they need. SBM can send real-time, personally relevant alerts to ensure that everyone stays in sync with the latest development efforts, greatly reducing miscommunication errors. Management personnel can get the high level reports they need for the entire lifecycle of an IT project, while more downstream stakeholders can see what is coming from the development team. And since this business services provider works in a highly regulated industry, it’s also able to automate the audit process with SBM’s built-in audit trails. And even with thousands of users, SBM’s flexibility makes process changes easy. What used to take months to configure now takes just a few minutes.

For this Fortune 500 business services provider, client satisfaction is a key metric. Prior to Micro Focus, client ratings were good but not where the company wanted them to be. Micro Focus had an almost immediate impact. According to the company, “Within just three months of implementing Serena (now part of Micro Focus), our client satisfaction rates went up.”


After many years of success with Micro Focus, this Fortune 500 company is looking to expand the use of Micro Focus technologies. Clients have seen the higher-quality products that have been delivered using Micro Focus products, and they have requested that many more of the company’s products be developed in a similar fashion. As it continues working closely with Micro Focus, this company expects its client satisfaction to just keep going up.