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By issuing staff with mobile devices and deploying Filr, Haus Rabenhorst provided sales representatives with real-time remote access to the data they need to make successful pitches, enabling them to work more productively and ultimately boost revenues.

"Filr gives us granular control over user access rights, so we can communicate with customers, partners, and suppliers more efficiently by granting them access to files such as contracts and price lists—without worrying about confidential data falling into the wrong hands."


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  • Boosted employee productivity
  • Reduced time sales staff spend travelling by five hours per person per week
  • Cut paper wastage



Haus Rabenhorst is one of Germany’s leading producers of fruit juices and health foods, employing around 120 people. Domestically, the company sells its products through health food shops, pharmacies and independent stores. It works with partner companies to export its products to more than 35 countries.


Haus Rabenhorst’s sales representatives are based all over Germany, enabling them to visit clients regularly and provide excellent customer service. This sales force is the engine driving the company’s revenue, and sellers must be aware of changes to products and pricing as well as new advertising campaigns. It is therefore essential that Haus Rabenhorst’s sellers can communicate with staff based in the company headquarters quickly and efficiently.

When sellers visit customers, they need documents such as contracts, previous orders, presentations and price lists in hand, so that they can answer customer inquiries and ultimately sell more products. Previously, sellers would print out the documents they expected to need before visiting customer sites, but this approach resulted in wasted paper, and sellers were unable to access the data they need to answer unforeseen questions.

Haus Rabenhorst knew that providing its sellers with access to accurate, up-to-the-minute data from mobile devices would enable them to answer clients’ queries more quickly and provide better customer service—ultimately increasing long-term revenues.


Haus Rabenhorst decided to provision its sales force with smartphones, tablets and laptops, and deploy the Filr file sharing solution, which automatically synchronizes files so that sellers always have up-to-date information at their fingertips. Filr includes a powerful search function, helping staff find relevant information quickly and easily.

Claude Greiner, Head of IT at Haus Rabenhorst said, “Filr gives us granular control over user access rights, so we can communicate with customers, partners, and suppliers more efficiently by granting them access to files such as contracts and price lists—without worrying about confidential data falling into the wrong hands.”

Haus Rabenhorst’s sales representatives are responsible for ensuring that the company’s products are displayed prominently across stores nationwide, because eye-catching displays boost sales. In the past, staff would travel between stores taking pictures of product displays, and send the images back to headquarters upon returning to their home offices. If colleagues requested changes to the displays, the sales staff would have to return to the stores, increasing travel time and costs.

Extending the company’s existing Micro Focus iPrint Desktop solution to include Micro Focus iPrint Mobile has enabled Haus Rabenhorst to help its sales force maintain product displays more efficiently. Haus Rabenhorst selected our solution because it is able to manage the company’s network of more than 40 printers extremely easily, since the software requires very little administration and employees do not need a helpdesk to assist with technical inquiries. Sellers now photograph displays using their mobile devices, print them at headquarters, and discuss improvements with colleagues over the phone. The sellers can rearrange displays immediately—eliminating the need to return to the store.

We helped Haus Rabenhorst deploy both Filr and Micro Focus iPrint Mobile and integrate them with existing solutions, including ZENworks®, Micro Focus iPrint on the desktop, Micro Focus® Vibe, Data Synchronizer, and GroupWise®.


Filr enables sellers to access all the information they need to sell Haus Rabenhorst’s products efficiently and effectively, without needing assistance from colleagues based at the company headquarters. Staff members are able to answer customer queries immediately, improving customer service and ultimately increasing revenues. At the same time, employees no longer need to print the documents they require to make sales pitches, reducing the amount of paper wasted and helping the company pursue a greener corporate strategy.

Equally, Micro Focus iPrint Mobile helps sellers maintain eye-catching product displays more efficiently, boosting revenues while reducing travel time and costs. “Equipping sales staff with mobile devices and Micro Focus iPrint Mobile helped reduce the time they spend travelling by five hours per person per week, cutting their carbon emissions and boosting productivity,” said Greiner. All in all, our solutions help Haus Rabenhorst’s sellers work more productively, enabling them to achieve higher sales volumes with less effort.

“Our company has been using Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) technology for more than 30 years,” said Greiner. “Novell keeps coming up with products that help our staff work more productively, and we are delighted with the excellent support we receive from the consultants.”