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Insurance provider accelerates development while streamlining regulatory compliance.

"From an ITIL change management standpoint, Serena (now part of Micro Focus) has made our life a lot easier. We can provide clear communication for our auditors about when changes went in and what release they were in. It's made that part of our life a lot easier."


Insurance Provider

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  • Gained greater visibility into software changes across mainframe and distributed platforms
  • Streamlined compliance and audits for all applications, projects and teams
  • Minimized risks and errors through a more rigorous development process


This Micro Focus customer depends on highly reliable technology to serve the needs of its customers, agents and employees. As an insurance company operating in multiple states, it also has to deal with highly complex regulations and audit processes. The company has been using Micro Focus ChangeMan ZMF for over 20 years to manage software changes and releases on their mainframe systems. ChangeMan ZMF allows the company to track every software change made while allowing IT to easily assess dependencies, perform impact analysis and perform audits at any stage of the development lifecycle.


This Micro Focus customer had been using another change management system to support its distributed development efforts. To increase development velocity, developers were given free reign but sometimes made changes with minimal testing or approvals. Furthermore, the change management tool’s lack of governance capabilities made it time-consuming to track these changes and prevent errors from being introduced into production code. As a result, ensuring traceability and passing audits were extremely challenging.


As a long-time Micro Focus customer, the insurance company realized it was time to turn to Micro Focus for help across all their platforms. According to a senior IT analyst, “We were looking for usability from the development side, but we were also looking for auditability and ease of use from the administration side.” Along with continuing to use ChangeMan ZMF, the company turned to Micro Focus Dimensions CM to help orchestrate processes across all development platforms.


This customer has rolled out Dimensions CM to almost 100 developers on its distributed systems. As part of the rollout, the company also implemented new processes to improve governance with the development lifecycle. Dimensions CM now serves as the central change management system for its distributed development efforts, offering a level of control and traceability that the development organization previously lacked. Developers can work within their native IDEs like Eclipse to check in-code changes. As code passes through the various steps of the development lifecycle, Micro Focus provides the insurance company specific points of approval and control. According to this customer, “Our auditors had asked us for more points of management approval, more points of testing, more proof that we’ve gone through a process from development to testing to production—and we have that now built into our Serena (now part of Micro Focus) workflows.”

Also, in order to maintain traceability and compliance, the company migrated all its history of code changes from its previous software change and configuration management system. As a result, audits are not just confined to new application development projects, and Micro Focus provides complete traceability for previous development efforts as well. “From an ITIL change management standpoint, Serena (now part of Micro Focus) has made our life a lot easier. We can provide clear communication for our auditors about when changes went in and what release they were in. It’s made that part of our life a lot easier,” comments a senior IT analyst. As the business practices of the insurance company evolve, Micro Focus also provides the company great flexibility for modifying development processes and controls.

As a result of Dimensions CM, this customer now has a process in place for introducing higher-quality code into production, reducing errors, and streamlining the audit process. According to the customer, “Serena (now part of Micro Focus) has certainly helped us pinpoint and eliminate potential errors much more easily than before."