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The company wanted to simplify and accelerate the process of migrating its customers’ systems onto its cloud platform. Achieving this goal would also facilitate demonstrations to prospective customers, improving sales conversion rates. Using PlateSpin® Recon and PlateSpin Migrate from Micro Focus®, the company can rapidly determine the resources it needs to virtualize a customer environment and then seamlessly execute the migration.

The PlateSpin technologies enable us to prove that we can handle customer migrations rapidly and with zero disruption.

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  • Provided the ability to build functioning test environments for prospects
  • Enabled the organization to prove that it can handle customer migrations rapidly and with zero disruption


This IT and telecommunications services provider delivers solutions across three categories: data center and cloud, networking, and security.


When this IT services provider expanded its cloud offerings beyond its existing fully managed solutions, it saw an opportunity to accelerate the on-boarding of new customers by including an unmanaged infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform based on Micro Focus Cloud Manager.

For prospective customers already using another cloud hosting provider, as well as for prospects looking to migrate services on physical servers, the key hurdles in the sales process were the perceived low speed and high risk of migration. For the IT services provider, the challenge was to determine quickly and accurately the cloud resources that each customer would require and remove uncertainty in pricing the service.

In the past, these issues meant that prospects would sometimes renew their contracts with their existing service providers, despite dissatisfaction with high pricing and poor service. The company wanted to remove these potential barriers, enabling businesses to move rapidly and seamlessly to its high-quality, cost-effective cloud platform.


The company selected PlateSpin Recon and PlateSpin Migrate to streamline the on-boarding of customers into its unmanaged cloud. The company’s professional migration services unit uses the solutions both to provide demonstrations of the company’s cloud service and to accelerate the migration process when customers sign up.

“We selected the PlateSpin technologies at the same time as choosing Cloud Manager for controlling the entire IaaS platform,” said a spokesperson. “It was my own past experience of using PlateSpin Migrate for thousands of successful migrations at a different company that was the deciding factor. At that time, I didn’t know about PlateSpin Recon, but it has very quickly become a really valuable tool in helping us to prove our capabilities to prospective clients.”

PlateSpin Recon removes the guesswork from virtual capacity planning and analysis. Its workload profiling tracks the use over time of physical resources—including CPU, disk, memory and network utilization—to ensure a complete and accurate picture of the infrastructure elements being virtualized.

“We have used PlateSpin Recon both internally, to help plan our own usage of physical capacity, and externally for customers who are planning to migrate to our cloud service,” said the spokesperson.

“It helps us to solve the problem when a customer asks, ‘How will you get me out of my current cloud?’ The data and recommendations provided by the PlateSpin solution are a tangible guarantee for our customers, giving them confidence that we can handle the migration.

After the planning stage, PlateSpin Migrate delivers rapid, hands-off migration from virtual to virtual (V2V) and from physical to virtual (P2V)—covering both of the main use-cases at the company. The software provides extensive automation and customizable post-migration scripts to minimize the need for manual set-up processes.


PlateSpin Recon helps the company quickly demonstrate to prospects that it can handle their workloads in its cloud and that it understands what resources the migration will require. This also helps the company determine pricing accurately. In combination with PlateSpin Migrate, the solution allows the company to build functioning test environments for prospects, removing any doubts they have about the company’s capability to host their systems.

“The biggest thing our sales people run into is the perceived effort required to move from one cloud to another,” said the spokesperson. “Even if customers can save thousands of dollars in monthly operational costs, there is normally a huge disincentive to move. The PlateSpin technologies enable us to prove that we can handle customer migrations rapidly and with zero disruption, ultimately giving them a better service at a lower price.

He concluded: “For customers that operate in multiple time zones or in sectors such as government and healthcare, lengthy downtime is not an option. The speed and reliability we can achieve with PlateSpin Migrate is a great benefit for these very demanding customers.