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Micro Focus unifies service desk for financial services application provider List Group.

"Working in the finance and trading sector, our customers require fast and efficient responses to issues that come through. The Serena (now part of Micro Focus) solution provides us with the framework to meet these demands."

Head of Operations
List Group

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  • Provides visibility into incidents and responses to customer requirements
  • Tracks and reports on customer queries
  • Allows customization of customer support workflows
  • Supports explosive growth of company with processes and service desk


List Group has been designing and developing innovative software solutions for the financial world for more than 25 years. The company offers development expertise and solutions for electronic markets, real-time settlement systems, and professional trading systems. List Group also covers governance, risk, and compliance for its customers.

Founded in 1985, List has grown rapidly in the last three years with revenue increasing threefold. Its client base of more than 130 exchanges, banks, and brokerage firms is now spread across 15 countries and the company has a presence in Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Asia.


List’s solutions are used by a wide range of financial organizations, from small investment houses that are focused on specific markets to large trading floors with hundreds of staff. With a growing customer base and a wider variety of markets being tracked, more efficient processes had to be put in place around support.

Flavio Mazzarotto joined List in order to develop the company’s support strategy. His experience in establishing and running service desk operations would be essential in ensuring that List’s growth could continue and that customers would continue to receive optimal service.

“When I joined List, building a unified service desk that could manage interaction with our customers was an important project. The size of the companies that we were working with, and the market that we are in, meant that getting this right was key to maintaining the standards that we had already set ourselves,” commented Mr. Mazzarotto. “At the same time, any implementation would have to be in place quickly, and deliver results back to List and to our customers fast.”

The challenges that List faced as an organization were as follows:

  • Ensure that processes could grow with the organization—resolving customer support issues quickly is an important service for any software development firm, especially one with customers that are managing mission critical data and transactions.
  • To report and track incidents that came through to the service desk from customers, as well as have escalation procedures that could be customized according to a customer’s preference.
  • To implement the unified service desk quickly and efficiently so that this did not stand in the way of acquiring and supporting more customers.

Mr. Mazzarotto had previously implemented and used service desk technologies as part of his role at other software vendors, but he had found those solutions to be highly inflexible and had required a team of consultants to implement and manage them. He therefore had to consider alternative approaches. Discussing the company’s requirements with his colleagues, Mr. Mazzarotto chose the Micro Focus solution as the foundation for List’s new unified service desk.


Mr. Mazzarotto’s team began implementing the solution and had the installation complete in three months. The first project for the service desk team was to converge all the service desk calls and incidents into one system and apply best practice workflows around this data. “I was impressed at the speed with which we were able to have the solution installed and running, and how we were able to achieve this with fewer staff than we expected to use,” commented Mr. Mazzarotto. “[Solutions Business Manager] links all of our data sources, and then applies the workflow that we require in order to meet the needs of the customer involved.”

Each customer might have a slightly different way in which they want their service desk calls handled. By using the solution, List can easily configure the incident management processes to handle escalations based on the specific needs of each customer. This flexibility to adapt to the way customers want calls tackled provides List with a definite advantage over standard service desk approaches.

List also benefits from a strong reporting and tracking engine that is built in to the Micro Focus process management solution. This presents the team with detailed information on how they have responded to requests and alerts from customers. With a team of 25 people responding to incidents as they arise, having all this information is crucial to both their individual roles as well as the overall performance of the team.


“As our services are provided via an on-demand platform, the most important data for us to track at the service desk level is the time to categorize incidents, and the time to fix the problem. The Serena (now part of Micro Focus) solution lets us rapidly notify staff and escalate issues if this is required,” commented Mr. Mazzarotto. “Our service level agreements with customers are based on these metrics, so this is critical data for us to have.”

Alongside managing the service desk, the Micro Focus process management solution is also used to track what versions of its products customers are using, the evolution of List’s products in response to customer requests and how these are fed into List’s product management team.

As a company in the financial services and trading markets, demonstrating compliance with mandates is also a big requirement for List and its customers. A major auditing firm that had been called in to audit one of List’s biggest customers’ systems and workflows was so impressed by the level of granularity that the solution delivered that the auditors had List’s client share best practices with them.

“This client works across more than 70 exchanges and the solution is provided to more than 150 traders. They had to demonstrate that their approach was fully compliant with financial regulations. As they were going through the audit, they were able to show the auditors the value of the approach that they had taken based on the solution, and in the end they were able to share some best practices with the auditors, rather than the other way around,” commented Mr. Mazzarotto.