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Concerned that prolonged downtime would cause the loss of critical research data and jeopardize the company’s reputation among investors and shareholders, Molmed decided to deploy PlateSpin Forge®. The solution ensured protection of Molmed’s critical research data from loss or protracted unplanned downtime. It also reduced recovery time from two days to just 30 minutes in the event of disaster.

"PlateSpin Forge has proved to be an essential tool for Molmed."

Paolo Castelli
IT Manager

At a Glance






  • Reduced the recovery time for Molmed’s systems from two days to just 30 minutes
  • Provided the ability to continually replicate data across different sites, which has eliminated the possibility of a complete failure of IT systems
  • Reduced the number of hours IT staff spend working on server maintenance


Molmed is a medical biotechnology company with a primary focus on developing novel therapies for the treatment of cancer. Headquartered in Milan, the company has 95 employees. Its principal clients are pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and foreign public health organizations.


Molmed wanted to implement an effective strategy to protect its systems and data against disaster. As a biomedical research company, it handles critical and highly confidential data and applications. Its current system only backed up copies of its servers once a week, so if a disaster occurred there was a risk of significant data loss.

“With our existing weekly backup strategy, we estimated that it would take us two days to get our users back online in the event of an incident,” said Paolo Castelli, IT manager at Molmed. Given the strict deadlines Molmed requires its researchers to meet, such downtime could potentially jeopardize its reputation among clients and investors. It could also undermine staff morale.

“We appreciated the need for more regular backups of our production servers,” said Castelli. “However, as a small company, we don’t have endless financial resources to invest in IT. We had to find a solution that would fit our budget.”


After evaluating several solutions, including products from Symantec and CA Technologies, Molmed opted for PlateSpin Forge.

“We selected PlateSpin Forge over its competitors because it was the only ‘all in one’ solution on the market which included both hardware and software,” said Castelli. “We also found it to be very competitively priced when compared to the alternative options, many of which were 20 to 30% more expensive.”

Clever Consulting, a Micro Focus partner, supported Molmed by designing the network and infrastructure for the PlateSpin Forge solution.

“Clever Consulting’s help was just priceless,” said Castelli. “They performed a preanalysis of our existing server landscape, suggesting how to resolve some of the problems we were experiencing and then advised us on the best practice for installation. Thanks to Clever Consulting’s preanalysis, we were able to install the solution itself in just four hours.”

The protected servers are a combination of various HP server models running Microsoft SQL Server and a number of other Microsoft Windows applications. A Cisco-powered network connects the servers to the PlateSpin Forge appliance.

PlateSpin Forge takes snapshots of the company’s servers twice every day, so even in the event of a major failure on one or more of the servers, the potential data loss is minimal.

To date, no such failure has ever occurred, but Molmed’s IT team performs a full disaster recovery test once per quarter, using the PlateSpin Forge “one click” testing feature. This gives the company a simple, flexible and integrated procedure to rapidly recover multiple workloads.


The disaster recovery tests show that PlateSpin Forge has reduced the recovery time for Molmed’s systems from two days to just 30 minutes.

PlateSpin Forge allows us to continually replicate data across different sites; this has effectively eliminated the possibility of a complete failure of our IT systems. If disaster strikes, we can rapidly restart the copies of our servers on the PlateSpin Forge appliance. As a result, our researchers can now rest safe in the knowledge that their hard work will not be lost in the event of a systems outage,” said Castelli. Eliminating downtime has also helped to maintain Molmed’s professional reputation among clients.

With the implementation of PlateSpin Forge, Molmed has seen major improvements in the efficiency of its IT department’s operations management as well. “The number of hours our IT staff spend working on server maintenance has been significantly reduced,” said Castelli. “One of the best features of PlateSpin Forge is its scalability. The option to add servers and manage them in a dynamic way with no additional cost is something which will help support future growth at Molmed.”

Molmed currently uses PlateSpin Forge to protect 14 servers and has the capacity to scale up the solution to protect 25 servers in the future, as business requirements increase.

“PlateSpin Forge has proved to be an essential tool for Molmed,” said Castelli, “and I would have no reservations in strongly recommending it to other small companies like ourselves.”