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Multicolor Steel
Success Story

As Multicolor Steel expanded its operations, the company wanted to guarantee that it could rapidly and fully recover critical business information in the event of a system failure. By deploying just one PlateSpin Forge® disaster recovery appliance from Micro Focus, Multicolor Steel has gained straightforward, comprehensive and low-cost protection for corporate servers and business applications.

“We can now guarantee that our systems can be brought back online very quickly in the event of a failure, which is a great boost for the business.”

Rajesh Gupta
Managing Director
Multicolor Steel

At a Glance






  • Provided the ability to recover business-critical services faster and with less administrative effort
  • Automated data backup, which considerably reduced administrative workload


Headquartered in Delhi, India, Multicolor Steel designs, manufactures and installs pre-fabricated buildings, and metal roofing and wall systems. The company serves a large number of clients in the private and public sectors and reports annual revenue of more than US$34 million.


Multicolor Steel manages a complex production process, handling all aspects of the design, manufacture and installation of steel building systems. It is vital for the company to have an accurate, comprehensive view of all its operations, to guarantee that the business runs as smoothly and productively as possible. To help achieve this, Multicolor Steel runs a number of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications from SAP, which provide valuable information on company operations.

“The insight delivered by our SAP systems is instrumental to our day-to-day operations, so it [is] absolutely essential that they are kept up and running,” said Rajesh Gupta, managing director of Multicolor Steel. “In India, we experience frequent power fluctuations and outages. Our concern was that we could not guarantee a high enough level of protection for our vital workloads, and we were worried about potentially losing business-critical information.”


Multicolor Steel undertook a rigorous evaluation of several disaster recovery solutions but found that most were too complex and costly for its needs. In contrast, the PlateSpin Forge appliance offered all the functionality the company wanted, in an easy-to-manage and cost-effective package.

“I studied the PlateSpin® solution in my own language, as a businessman,” said Gupta. “I saw that I would only have to buy one box, which would provide complete protection for all our business data. There was no need to invest in duplicate hardware and software licenses. As a mid-size company that is always looking to economize and save time and effort, PlateSpin was the ideal solution.”

Multicolor Steel deployed one PlateSpin Forge disaster recovery appliance to provide full protection for its six servers, which run SAP systems, design software, email and file servers. PlateSpin Forge delivers comprehensive protection for each server workload, covering the full stack of operating systems, applications, data and settings.

PlateSpin Forge takes snapshots of each protected server at regular intervals and stores them as a single virtual bootable recovery environment. If one of the company’s servers develops a fault, the IT team can restart it as a virtual server on the PlateSpin Forge appliance within minutes. After the IT team has repaired the original physical server—or has deployed a replacement in the case of a complete failure—PlateSpin Forge can perform a virtual-to-physical conversion to restore back to the production environment.

“PlateSpin Forge is very easy to use, and it allows our IT administrators to manage the entire recovery environment from a single, central interface,” said Gupta. “The solution offers excellent control and is completely reliable in our experience.”


PlateSpin Forge has enabled Multicolor Steel to recover business-critical services faster and with less administrative effort. Recently, when the company’s design server crashed, the IT team simply failed the workload over to the PlateSpin Forge solution and moved it back to the physical server later, without any data loss.

In the past, Multicolor Steel relied on a manual backup process. While it backed up systems daily, the amount of time and effort involved put a great deal of strain on the company’s small IT team. Now, PlateSpin Forge provides automatic and near continuous data backup, considerably reducing administrative workload.

“We are a relatively small company, so it is hugely beneficial when we can leverage an appliance like PlateSpin Forge to reduce the time, cost and effort associated with managing our IT environment,” said Gupta. “The solution offers everything we need to protect our business-critical servers in a single, compact physical frame. We can now guarantee that our systems can be brought back online very quickly in the event of a failure, which is a great boost for the business.”