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Space and Naval Warfare Information Technology Center (SPAWAR ITC)

Space and Naval Warfare Information Technology Center (SPAWAR ITC)
Success Story

SPAWAE ITC achieves higher re-use, reduced costs, and improved quality with Micro Focus Dimensions.

“Serena (now part of Micro Focus) proved to be a strong partner, empowering our goal in change management.”


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  • Achieved a standardized approach to build solution systems for customers
  • Increased substantially its re-use rates of code, processes, and competencies
  • Reduced costs by eliminating redundancies and duplication of information


The Space and Naval Warfare Information Technology Center (SPAWAR ITC) provides business improvement IT solutions for the Navy and Department of Defense. Faced with a complex heterogeneous environment and a combination of legacy applications and new systems under development, the center needed to replace a cumbersome manual system with a robust Change Governance™ solution that would centralize management and circumvent the difficulty of operating disparate systems. SPAWAR ITC implemented the Dimensions™ solution as its standard.


SPAWAR ITC needed to support IT solutions for the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources (DIMHRS) and the Navy Integrated Personnel (NSIP) Systems.

“Our goal was to manage our development activities holistically via a common approach in order to achieve re-use of processes, components, and code and to develop standardized products for customers,” said Dale Galloway, Director of SPAWAR ITC.

To succeed, SPAWAR ITC needed to manage the complexity of its legacy applications and the new systems under development in an environment characterized by a mix of mainframe, UNIX, and NT platforms.

As a result, the organization had to find a way to circumvent the difficulty of operating unconnected systems, which were hard to maintain and curtailed its ability to deliver multiple solutions at a time.

"Our challenge was to coalesce some 100 smaller systems into larger systems,” said Mel Quitt, SPAWAR ITC Quality Assurance Manager. “However, we could not complete this task with the manual and cumbersome configuration management systems we had in place.” 


SPAWAR ITC’s evaluation of Dimensions validated that this technology suited its selection criteria for an integrated process, version, and change management solution in a complex cross-platform development environment.

“We integrated Dimensions into our operations not only to satisfy the needs of individual systems but also to serve as SPAWAR ITC’s change management standard in managing these solutions,” explained Galloway.

“This move supported our plans to break down our enterprise development activities into small increments and to manage these components via Dimensions. We believed that this was an effective way to address the complexity of our environment and to implement a common process-based change management approach across teams and projects.

“Along the way, SPAWAR ITC relied on the expertise the Serena (now part of Micro Focus) team provided in answering the toughest questions on how to manage complexity and how to establish a success path for process improvement,” said Quitt.

SPAWAR ITC also found that the support team was always ready to solve the most difficult puzzles with a fast turnaround. In addition, the organization made use of various integrations provided for Dimensions and was thus able to operate a successful Integrated Development Environment (IDE).



SPAWAR ITC reported that the adoption of the Micro Focus solution played a supportive role in furthering its mission in many ways, highlighted in the milestones below:

  • SPAWAR ITC developed a standardized method to build top-quality systems.
  • It enforced its business rules organization-wide via process workflow.
  • It dramatically boosted its re-use rates of internal processes, competencies, code, components, and best practices across teams and projects.
  • It kept track in Dimensions’ central repository of the activities undertaken to build solutions for customers, a practice which facilitated the re-building of standardized applications.
  • It reduced costs by eliminating redundancies and duplication of information.

“The Serena (now part of Micro Focus) products will continue to play a role in serving the expanding needs of SPAWAR ITC and its customers,” said Galloway. “This provides us the ability to gain four strategic benefits: Re-use, cost effectiveness, high quality, and standardized products. We are able to ensure customer satisfaction, which is an essential measure of success in fulfilling our mission.”