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Managed IT service provider Tieto recognized a commercial opportunity to create a hybrid cloud offering capable of meeting the specific regulatory demands of large enterprise and government clients. Tieto partnered with Micro Focus to implement a highly automated hybrid cloud solution using Micro Focus Cloud Manager, enabling the company to provision secure environments—hosted or on-premise—for clients within days.

"Using Cloud Manager, PlateSpin Recon and PlateSpin Migrate, we have created a compelling hybrid cloud service for [large] clients."

Technology Director—Managed Services

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  • Provided a time reduction of up to 99 percent
  • Delivered the benefits of the cloud
  • Created a compelling hybrid cloud service


Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and employing more than 16,000 people, Tieto is one of the largest managed service providers in Scandinavia. With operations in 20 countries, the company provides a broad range of IT services to organizations around the world.


As one of the largest managed IT service providers in Scandinavia, Tieto has developed a strong client base in Finland, including government agencies and publicly-listed companies. With the popularity of cloud-based services increasing, the company saw an opportunity to extend the benefits of public cloud services to large enterprises.

Pasi Sutinen, Technology Director–Managed Services at Tieto, said: “Historically, enterprises and government agencies have often been unable to benefit from the public cloud model because of the strict regulatory requirements concerning where and how their sensitive data is stored. To lower the barriers to cloud entry for these clients, we decided to develop a flexible, highly secure hybrid cloud solution. 

“A hybrid solution would offer clients the ability to run some parts of the cloud on-premises and others in a secure section of our public cloud— reducing the business risks of cloud migration, cutting operational IT costs and increasing internal confidence in the cloud model."


To help create a hybrid-cloud solution to meet the requirements of large enterprise and government clients, Tieto engaged Micro Focus.

“Developing an enterprise-class automated cloud platform is a complex undertaking, and we wanted a partner to complement our strong managed-service competencies,” said Sutinen. “We chose Micro Focus as our implementation partner because we were extremely impressed with the functionality of the Cloud Manager product—especially its support for self-service workload configuration.”

Tieto configured Cloud Manager to meet the strict regulatory requirements of enterprise and government clients. Through role-aware web portals, the solution enables Tieto’s clients to provision and deprovision private virtual infrastructures in the cloud to keep pace with evolving business requirements.

“To accelerate and simplify the process of adding new clients to our cloud, we implemented PlateSpin® Recon and PlateSpin Migrate,” said Sutinen. “Using PlateSpin Recon, we can precisely calculate the system requirements of a client’s physical or virtual workloads and then seamlessly move them into production on the cloud environment with PlateSpin Migrate.”

Tieto worked with Micro Focus to integrate Cloud Manager with its in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems—enabling transparent billing for its clients.

“Large enterprises use straight-through processing for payment transactions, so it was important that we enabled this functionality in our solution,” said Sutinen. “Through a web interface, we offer our clients full visibility of what they are paying each month, without the need for manual processes on either side.”

Tieto’s hybrid cloud includes a software-as-aservice (SaaS) option—enabling clients to have their legacy applications hosted, managed and provided back to them as a service.

To date, nine large enterprises—each with thousands of servers and up to 10,000 employees—have begun to migrate workloads to the hybrid cloud environment, which is now live in Tieto’s Finnish data center.


In the past, it could take Tieto up to two months to design, deploy and configure a new cloud environment for a single enterprise client on an ad hoc basis. Using the solution, the company can now provision entire production environments within a day for existing clients or in one week for new clients—a time reduction of up to 99 percent.

“Our ability to create hybrid environments rapidly is a valuable sales tool,” said Sutinen. “For example, a prospective client once asked if our solution could support a certain large and complex workload. Using the Micro Focus solution, our sales manager was able to provision a proof-of-concept environment in just three minutes—a decisive factor in winning the business.”

Thanks to the solution, Tieto has achieved its aim of delivering the benefits of the cloud to large enterprise and government clients.

Said Sutinen: “Using Cloud Manager, PlateSpin Recon and PlateSpin Migrate, we have created a compelling hybrid cloud service with a strong value proposition for enterprise and government clients.