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Leading post-trade processing company, Traiana, needed a flexible tool to fully automate its software development lifecycle processes.

"StarTeam provides massive time saves within the release cycle. I would say over the years the ROI can be translated into several million dollars."

Director of Tools and Methods

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Financial Services




  • Provided the ability to connect change requests to the source files that are changed
  • Fully automated software development lifecycle
  • Introduced a flexible, clear user interface to support source code changes
  • Anticipated ROI of several million dollars



Traiana provides global banks, broker/dealers, buy-side firms, and e-trading platforms with solutions to automate the post-trade processing of financial transactions. Over 500 of the world’s leading financial market players use Traiana’s post-trade solutions and its flagship offering, the Traiana Harmony Network—the leading platform for connecting all market participants to automate post-trade processes, reducing the risk and cost of processing trades. Harmony minimizes the number of touches required to fully process post-trade workflow end-to-end and provides complete real-time automation of the processing workflow.

Echoing this focus on complete automation of processes, the company recognized the benefits of a fully automated solution for its software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes. Needing a source control tool that supported its needs, providing a strong API and the flexibility to tailor-make an automated solution drove Traiana’s Director of Tools and Methods, Yaniv Lugassy, to find the answer in Micro Focus StarTeam®, provided by its technology partner in Israel, Matrix.


Traiana operates the industry-standard platform for electronically processing over-the-counter foreign exchange (FX), exchange-traded derivatives, CFDs, and cash equities trades. The company has to ensure its products are continually updated and deliver value to the 500 firms that connect to the platform. Traiana needed an automated solution to control change over the course of its Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes, finding the solution in StarTeam.

Traiana operates in the highly complex, fast moving world of post-trade deals between prime brokers, executing banks, retail platforms, buy-side firms, and execution venues. In this environment, the reliability and integration of systems is critical. As Lugassy explains, “Traiana is the platform on which high volumes of trades are executed daily with cash amounts in the trillions of dollars. If the systems are down for one day, the world’s FX markets just won’t work.”

Traiana needed SDLC processes capable of handling large numbers of change requests to manage development of the company’s software products and their integration with systems that process trades from many different sources. For Traiana, both the volume of changes and the speed demanded by the enterprise meant that manual processes would not meet demands. “We have 45 products, with over 220 code branches, and we need to integrate up to 500 different customer platforms. This equals in the region of 50,000 change requests and around one million file revisions,” Lugassy explains. The ultimate goal was to automate everything. “A manual system would just not be up to the job. At the very start of the company, we knew we wanted a fully automated solution, one that could integrate automatic labeling with build processes, as well as provide us with the ability to track build changes and back-track based on changes to the previous version. We also needed to be able to schedule the builds and provide visibility of both builds and the status of versions.”


Lugassy recognized that StarTeam provided the capability and, essentially, the flexibility to meet Traiana’s software development lifecycle needs. He explains, “We had two primary requirements, the first being powerful source code management. It was important for a management system to have a flexible, clear user interface to support source code changes and also derive new views or branches of code. Also, it was important to connect to it from Java—our development language.

The API within StarTeam is supported with a comprehensive software development kit (SDK), which extends integrations to additional environments and tools. The strength of the API and the SDK in StarTeam meant that Lugassy was able to connect with the Java Development Kit (JDK). He explains, “The flexibility within StarTeam, and its strong, clear API, meant that we could take StarTeam forward and precisely create the fully automated software change and configuration management scenario we needed for our business.”

Initially Lugassy took the initiative to prove the value of StarTeam in a small project, writing an entire methodology based on the daily life of developers. Management saw the value of this approach and rolled it out across the company, using a customization of StarTeam, streamlined to support the processes the company uses. “One of the main technical benefits we found in StarTeam is the ability to connect change requests to the source files that are changed,” says Lugassy.

“This gives us the ability to provide a methodology to enable builds based on a set of change requests, rather than simply the latest version of a file.”

“StarTeam is an important piece in our fully automatic SDLC solution,” says Lugassy. “We keep adopting new StarTeam features to fit our solution as well as improving and adding features of our own.”

The fully automatic nature of the solution means that the cost and time taken for deploying builds and installations are significantly reduced and issued from a centralized web application the company’s development team has built. This gives the company the ability to perform shorter cycles between R&D and QA much faster. As the lab resources and approval points are all managed automatically from the same place, all changes are fully audited.


StarTeam has played a key role in Traiana’s software development for a number of years. Over time the solution has been tailored by Lugassy to meet the changing demands of the business, returning some dramatic benefits. After automating its builds/installation/test processes, Traiana is able to with just three people—who are also engaged in developing other solutions.

In addition, the dependencies between groups was eliminated: Developers no longer need change management to issue new product builds; QA does not need change management to install new products’ build packages or to execute automatic tests on the build packages and does not need change management to take the builds to market. “StarTeam provides massive time savings within the release cycle,” according to Lugassy. “I would say over the years the ROI can be translated into several million dollars.” This significant cost reduction has helped Traiana grow its profits and reinvest in further innovation in products and business growth.

For a company like Traiana that operates in a fast moving environment where reliability and high performance are critical, having a robust, trusted SCCM tool provides a crucial advantage.

By adopting StarTeam as the core SCCM solution and then further extending it to support and automate the SDLC process, Traiana’s development approach has become more agile, which in turn translates into a more agile business, better equipped to deal with the challenges of modern, fast moving business.

Traiana’s impressive array of awards for innovation and excellence in FX, Risk Management and Clearing and Settlement technology endorse the work that Yaniv Lugassy and his development team have put into strengthening and automating their software development processes helped by StarTeam.