Micro Focus

Success Story

With Micro Focus Vibe, Verosol streamlined the document-management process used by its overseas executives.

“The Vibe implementation went very smoothly, and Netflex managed the process in a professional and efficient manner.”

Tonny Roemaat
Project Manager

At a Glance






  • Provided a secure document management platform fully integrated with GroupWise and Microsoft Office
  • Eliminated the need for costly terminal server licenses
  • Enabled automatic backup and encryption of employees’ portable devices, increasing data security


Founded in 1965, Verosol is a multinational manufacturer of light-reflective curtains, sunshades, and vertical blinds. The company employs around 320 people worldwide at manufacturing plants and offices in Australia, Mexico, Greece, Hong Kong, Germany, and the Netherlands.


Verosol had been using Micro Focus Vibe (previously a Novell product) as its document management solution since 2008, and was impressed by the way it facilitated collaboration between its designers in Australia, China, and the Netherlands.

Tonny Roemaat, Project Manager at Verosol, said: “Vibe showed us the business value of a collaborative platform. Since then, more executive roles in our company have been relocated to offices outside the Netherlands. Because of that, it was important for us to offer those employees full remote access to our head office IT systems.”

To improve internal communications and business agility, Verosol wanted a cost-effective solution to fully integrate its overseas executives with business processes at its head office in the Netherlands.

“Our IT budget was lean, and wouldn’t cover terminal licenses for our Vibe platform,” said Mr. Roemaat. “We wanted to leverage our existing Microsoft Office licenses to achieve our business goal.”


Verosol engaged its business partner Netflex to implement the latest version of Micro Focus Vibe. With built-in plugins for Microsoft Office, the solution will enable Verosol’s overseas executives to manage documents using a locally licensed version of the office suite.

"We’ve relied on Netflex to provide our IT administration for a number of years, and consider them a trusted and reliable partner,” said Mr. Roemaat. “The Vibe implementation went very smoothly, and Netflex managed the process in a professional and efficient manner.”

Currently, Verosol is using Micro Focus Vibe at its head office in the Netherlands. A worldwide implementation is due to begin shortly against the backdrop of a wider software landscape refresh for the company.

“We saw the Vibe implementation as an opportunity to fine-tune our infrastructure,” said Mr. Roemaat. “We upgraded our Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) GroupWise and Novell ZENworks software. We’re also going to implement Novell iFolder and Novell Filr), which have the potential to dramatically simplify our file storage. Even our operating systems are being upgraded—we’re in the process of migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7.”

The unique policy-based approach of Micro Focus ZENworks® Configuration Management is designed to accelerate the Windows 7 migration process, minimizing business disruptions by automatically restoring end-user environments.

“Using the latest version of ZENworks, we’ll be able to make the migration to Windows 7 quickly and easily,” said Mr. Roemaat. “With the enhanced management capabilities of ZENworks for Windows 7, we will be able to standardize our application portfolio across all business units, and ensure that overseas users are using the same secure, up-to-date software as our head office.”


By upgrading its core solutions to their respective latest versions, Verosol is well placed to achieve its goal of making business-critical documents more accessible for company executives based overseas.

“I’m extremely pleased with the benefits we’ve seen so far,” said Mr. Roemaat. “Thanks to Vibe, I’m confident that we’ll be able to dramatically streamline our document management process, and the way our external business units interact with head office.”

Other functions have experienced benefits from the ZENworks upgrade. “In the past, we used ZENworks to make images of our workstations for disaster recovery purposes, and to keep track of all the software we had installed on local machines for auditing purposes,” said Mr. Roemaat.

“We want to expand the functionality of ZENworks by purchasing the Endpoint Security Management extension, which will allow our administrators to patch workstations remotely, synchronize company laptops with our disaster recovery solution, and completely encrypt the hard drives of our portable media, ensuring the security and resiliency of sensitive business data.”

Following the success of its software refresh, Verosol is already planning for the future. “We’re due to upgrade GroupWise shortly, and we’re ready to implement iFolder and Filr as soon as they become available,” said Mr. Roemaat. “We’re very satisfied with the progress of our Novell solution. By continuing our close partnership with Netflex and Novell, I’m confident that we’ll be able to fully integrate our global business units, and increase our business agility.”