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VINTE, in conjunction with its technological division Conectha, wanted to enable remote management and monitoring of employee desktops, thereby increasing IT staff’s control and productivity. Micro Focus Open Workgroup Suite offered a secure, flexible solution that gives VINTE-Conectha IT staff the tools to manage the company’s infrastructure centrally and effectively.

"Our IT staff spends less time troubleshooting due to the impressive reliability of the Novell (now part of Micro Focus) solution; we estimate there has been a 20-30% decrease in the number of incidents, a number we soon expect to rise to 50%."

IT Coordinator

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  • Enabled remote management of the IT infrastructure
  • Boosted employee productivity by 30–40% by improving reliability, response times, and ease of management
  • Decreased number of IT issues by 20–30%, while streamlining and accelerating troubleshooting processes


A leading Mexican construction company, VINTE was the creator of the innovative concept of the G7 Habitat, “Housing of the Seventh Generation” (winner of six National Housing Awards). The company specializes in affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly housing designed with the energy saving needs of lower-income families in mind. Founded in 2004, VINTE employs approximately 250 people working at locations in four states across Mexico.


Without a centralized overview of the company’s infrastructure, the IT staff at VINTE-Conectha spent much of their time locating and resolving issues. Setting up and distributing software updates and security patches across the company were also manual processes. This approach was proving highly inefficient, preventing the IT employees from focusing on higher-value work.

“The lack of a centralized management solution made managing and tracking our IT assets a complex task,” said Victor Rivera, IT Coordinator at VINTE-Conectha. “For example, it was difficult to monitor what was installed on each machine, causing our staff to spend unnecessary time checking this and rolling out updates manually. We wanted to find a solution that would enable us to control and automate such processes from a central point of control.”

Equally, VINTE-Conectha employees had difficulty collaborating effectively collaborating effectively using the company’s existing IT tools. The company began looking for a flexible and secure solution that would meet all of these needs at a reasonable total cost of ownership.


VINTE-Conectha initially considered a Microsoft solution. After comparing it to Open Workgroup Suite, however, the company found that the Micro Focus solution more comprehensively satisfied its needs. Working with Micro Focus Customer Care and M&D Soluciones, S.A. de C.V., VINTE-Conectha deployed Open Workgroup Suite, a complete collaboration package that includes Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server running on Linux, Micro Focus ZENworks® Configuration Management, and Micro Focus GroupWise®. The implementation was completed in just two months—within the planned deadline and budget.

“The consultants … worked very well with M&D Soluciones to combine their experience and expertise to ensure a swift and smooth rollout, with minimal disruption to our operations,” said Rivera.

The deployment was made easier by the high degree of interoperability offered by the different components in Open Workgroup Suite. For example, Open Enterprise Server includes inbuilt features to provide easy integration with VINTE-Conectha’s Microsoft applications.

“Rather than taking on the cost of ripping and replacing aspects of our environment to work with Open Workgroup Suite, we were able to leverage our existing infrastructure investments—a significant advantage.”

Open Workgroup Suite has given VINTEConectha the centralized control system it needed. IT staff can use ZENworks Configuration Management to automate software setup, updates, healing, and migration for desktop computers. The solution also includes Micro Focus ZENworks Asset Management: providing a complete, accurate view of assets and end-points.

“ZENworks Configuration Management has transformed our approach to desktop management, as we are now able to automate previously complex processes such as rolling out patches and updates,” said Rivera.

Employees at VINTE-Conectha are able to take advantage of the team workspaces and shared calendaring features in GroupWise to facilitate enhanced collaboration. Centralized, policy-based administration means GroupWise is exceptionally easy to manage. It is also highly reliable, virus-resistant and efficient.


“Our IT staff spends less time troubleshooting due to the impressive reliability of the Novell (now part of Micro Focus) solution; we estimate there has been a 20–30% decrease in the number of incidents, a number we soon expect to rise to 50%.”

VINTE-Conectha’s IT staff are able to remotely monitor and manage workstations using ZENworks Configuration Management. Using Micro Focus ZENworks Patch Management’s rollout of software updates and security patches can be automated, ensuring they can work more efficiently, while the rest of the company’s employees get access to up-to-date systems faster. Enhanced performance has also accelerated system response times, further increasing user satisfaction.

“Deploying the Novell (now part of Micro Focus) solution has had a significant impact on employee productivity, which we estimate to have increased by 30–40%,” said Rivera. “We have faster response times, both from our IT systems and our IT staff, who are now able to distribute updates and patches across the entire company at the click of a button. Ultimately, this improvement is guaranteed to translate into better service for our customers.”