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Atlas, StarTeam, and Silk tools support modern DevOps in a finance firm

3:10 | Florian Kröner, IT Manager, BSQ Bausparkasse

A German mortgage lender adopts Atlas, StarTeam, and Silk tools to bring a mainframe infrastructure into the modern, DevOps-driven world.

BSQ Bausparkasse, a German mortgage financing company, converted an entire mainframe infrastructure to a Micro Focus runtime environment. During this project, they were introduced to other Micro Focus software that supports DevOps and optimally manages the runtime environment.

The company adopted Atlas, a requirements management tool, along with StarTeam for change management and Silk tools for automated testing.

"With the DevOps tools, Micro Focus has succeeded in bridging the old development landscape—the legacy world—with the modern world," said IT Manager Florian Kröner. "Suddenly both environments worked together and ultimately inspired each other."

The rehosting project and the DevOps tools helped BSQ Bausparkasse break out of traditional mainframe infrastructure into the modern world. Not only did these development methods increase efficiency, but they also proved valuable in helping the finance company comply with regulations.

Micro Focus made the transition easy.

"We felt very supported throughout, especially by the sales team," said Kröner. "Presales and technical support is excellent, better than we’ve experienced with other manufacturers."

The combination of these Micro Focus tools has been very productive, he said. "This has enabled us as a small company as a small company to successfully manage these issues and use the latest standards to be fully productive. I can recommend this approach to anyone."

About Atlas

Atlas simplifies requirements capture, management, and tracking so teams can respond with agility to shifting business priorities and customer expectations. This software delivery and testing tool removes communication bottlenecks between business and development teams to speed up the delivery process in Agile development.

About StarTeam

StarTeam manages changes across multiple ALM repositories and tools, creating a single source of truth. It's an enterprise change management system, serving both centralized and geographically distributed development teams, helping them achieve their highest level of software delivery.

With StarTeam, stakeholders have high confidence and can make well-informed decisions in real time, while all changes to software assets are visible and traceable.

About Silk

The Silk portfolio helps test teams accelerate delivery of applications that perform and function consistently anytime, anywhere, on their customers’ devices and platforms of choice.

The Silk family of software delivery and testing tools features powerful tools for mobile testing, performance testing of responsive web designs, cross-browser testing, and more.