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efcom improves process compliance using custom workflows created in SBM

2:29 | Florian Hinse, Assistant Director, efcom

SBM automates processes for efcom. The financing software development firm values SBM's quick reporting functions and intuitive tools for generating customer workflows.

Since its founding in December 2000, efcom has used Micro Focus products to manage the development of its flagship software product, ef3 premium. This finance software development firm began automating processes with SBM 5 years ago.

SBM has improved efcom's service quality while minimizing risk to the business. Using SBM, efcom automates processes, manages requirements, tracks development, and tests and delivers products.

SBM Composer™ is a visual tool for laying out custom workflows. Customer requests are analyzed via these workflows, with processes displayed step by step to prevent shortcuts that might deteriorate service quality.

"Composer is a tool which allows you to work intuitively," said Florian Hinse, an assistant director at efcom. "Creating reports is very easy, and they are fast to generate with instant results. Required data is quickly available, so you can easily present relevant data."

About SBM

SBM is the leading process management platform for IT development and operations. It is designed to orchestrate and integrate processes across an organization, including software development, delivery, and operations. Use it on its own or in conjunction with other Micro Focus software delivery and testing tools.

About efcom

efcom is the leading European software company for high-level factoring solutions. With the IT solution ef3 premium, efcom offers its partners an outstanding application based on an intelligent integration platform. ef3 premium integrates with ease into the existing IT architecture. Its practical approach and user-friendliness ensure the critical factors for growth: transparency, efficiency and flexibility.