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PlateSpin Forge Provides a Safety Net Against IT Disasters for a Canadian Health Services Department

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A Canadian health services department adopted Micro Focus PlateSpin Forge® to dramatically improve RTO and RPO on its core services.

"Installing PlateSpin Forge from Micro Focus has, in a nutshell, given me peace of mind. If there’s a disaster or even human error where you cause issues with a server, I know there’s the safety net of the Forge environment.

It’s sort of a pressure-release valve for IT because we can stand up these services and get them up and running again in 20 minutes. We know that we have an effective, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and—most importantly—reliable DR solution for our environment."

Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit provides mandatory programs and health services to around 150,000 residents. The organization was looking for a solution that would dramatically improve their RTO and RPO times.

The health unit implemented Micro Focus PlateSpin Forge because it was one of the only solutions that shipped as a fully configured hardware appliance with the software layer on top that provided the data protection Hastings and Prince Edward Counties required. It took just half an hour to get PlateSpin Forge up and running.

Now, the company is ready to face any man-made or natural disaster, or even human error, with the peace of mind provided by PlateSpin Forge. Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit is now able to stand up vital core services within less than an hour of a disaster—a dramatic improvement from the previous three- to four-day recovery time.

About PlateSpin Forge

PlateSpin Forge is an all-in-one disaster recovery hardware appliance. The solution protects both your physical and virtual servers and dramatically reduces your RTO and RPO time from days to just hours.

This solution provides disaster recovery that is cost-effective, simple to use, and easy to maintain—and it fits seamlessly into your existing IT environment.


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  • A simple, cost-effective disaster recovery solution
  • Dramatic improvement to RTO and RPO recovery times on core services
  • An out-of-the-box, fully configured hardware appliance