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Raiffeisen produces fully auditable software releases with Dimensions CM

1:47 | Christoph Hellmayr, Software Engineer, Raiffeisen Software

Since Raiffeisen Software adopted Dimensions CM in 2008, its processes have become workflow-based and auditable. The company knows it can depend on exceptional support from Micro Focus account management to resolve issues right away.

Prior to adopting Dimensions CM in 2008, Raiffeisen Software's processes were emulation-based in 3270 using ISPF panels. Now their processes are workflow-based and auditable.

Software engineer Christoph Hellmayr cites configurability as one of the biggest advantages of Dimensions CM, allowing his team to implement anything they feel is necessary.

Raiffeisen also benefits from improved code quality. Triggers for quality checks are now an important part of the development process.

Code releases now follow a "four-eyes" principle, which requires two individuals to approve an action before it can be taken. Dimensions CM ensures that there is a test release so that no one can make any changes to a production release.

Hellmayr says that his team knows they can depend on Micro Focus account management. "We can always contact them if we have a problem," he explained. "The problems are dealt with very quickly, and the support is very fast and always available. If we need to know something, we receive the information very quickly, which is extremely valuable to us."

About Dimensions CM

Confidently manage application changes across platforms, locations, and teams. Dimensions CM makes parallel development possible. This software change and configuration management (SCCM) tool supports Agile methods, integrates code, and ensures release readiness.

Dimensions CM also creates a source code management repository that handles code check-ins and checkouts by all developers—and tamper-proof audit trails assure regulatory compliance.

Use Dimensions CM as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with complementary software delivery and testing products from Micro Focus.

About Raiffeisen Software

Raiffeisen Software GmbH develops banking and financial software solutions and is one of the largest IT service providers in Austria. It offers services such as business intelligence, customer relationship management, system integration, information technology service management, process management, and data warehousing. sector.

Since its founding in 1969, Raiffeisen Software has been creating IT solutions that bring innovation, efficiency and value to its customers. Its user-friendly IT systems support the daily business of the Raiffeisen banks in Austria. Raiffeisen IT solutions set standards in the financial sector.

Raiffeisen Software GmbH operates as a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich Aktiengesellschaft.