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Hotel group offers online security for 1,000s of guests and employees

3:26 | Emmanuel Clave, Group IT Director, Rocco Forte Hotels

Rocco Forte’s luxury hotels need to maintain security while offering mobile access. Filr provides protected access on phones and tablets, and guests use iPrint to securely print their own documents.

No matter where you travel, you’ll find increasing demand for mobile access to data and programs. Rocco Forte Hotels is no different—their guests and employees want to use their smartphones and tablets online. The hotel group considered a consumer cloud solution like Dropbox, but found it too vulnerable to data breaches.

Filr keeps online exchanges secure for the thousands of mobile users across Rocco Forte properties. A key feature is Filr’s ability to grant time-limited access to specific files so that files can be shared externally without putting sensitive information at risk. IT director Emmanuel Clave says that Filr was easy to deploy over existing infrastructure—and it works for both phones and tablets.

In addition, Rocco Forte Hotels adopted Micro Focus iPrint to help guests print securely. Guests often ask to print documents, but in the past there was no way to do that safely. With iPrint, guests can log in with their mobile devices or send an email to the printer without having to pass a USB stick to an employee.

About Filr

Filr enables users to collaborate and share files more securely with less administration, resulting in safer data and more productivity. Filr has been designed with the enterprise in mind, resulting in less administration, better security, and more productive users.

  • Data anywhere, anytime. Enhanced mobile features mean you can work anywhere.
  • Looks familiar. Designed like social media, Filr has an easy-to-use format.
  • Safety backup. Filr can remotely wipe data from devices that get lost or stolen.

In conjunction with other Micro Focus tools for file and networking services, Filr helps you reduce administration costs while securely accessing and sharing data across your organization.

About Rocco Forte Hotels

Rocco Forte Hotels is a family of more than a dozen highly individual hotels and resorts, with more added all the time. Each is as individual and full of character as the country and city which inspires its design, and each features a unique sense of style and ambiance that awaits your discovery. With luxury hotels in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh through to Berlin, Brussels, Rome, and beyond, Rocco Forte Hotels believes in delivering "The Art of Simple Luxury."