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Schraml relies on COBOL for its stable application architecture

2:13 | Arno Ohrmund, Managing Director, W. Schraml Software

German ERP company W. Schraml Software depends on COBOL to provide an ultra-stable integrated development environment, saying, "We never had a problem with the compiler or the runtime environment."

For decades, COBOL has been instrumental in providing W. Schraml Software with a single, integrated development environment.

Schraml Software offers an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, DIWAweb 2.0. The application architecture is built on COBOL. The business logic runs in COBOL, and the Micro Focus backend provides the Javascript front end with JSON data.

The company plans to move from Server Express to Visual COBOL for Eclipse. This will provide developers with a single, integrated development environment.

"Micro Focus is a very reliable partner who always supports us when it matters. We never had a problem with the compiler or the runtime environment," said Managing Director Arno Ohrmund. "The development environment gives us the high degree of stability that we need."


Mainframe and COBOL systems contain decades of valuable intellectual property and are the cornerstone of business success. Derive more value from these proven systems by optimizing application delivery using Agile, DevOps, and next-gen technology. The COBOL portfolio is part of a suite of COBOL development and mainframe products. It includes:

  • Next-generation technology: Visual COBOL
  • Classic COBOL offerings: Net Express, Server Express, ACUCOBOL-GT and RM/COBOL
  • Analysis and reporting: COBOL Analyzer
  • Data file modernization: Net Express, Server Express

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About W. Schraml Software GmbH

W. Schraml Software is a family business in the field of software development. Its DIWA product line offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for medium-sized trading companies. DIWA products' modular design and program features can be tailored to fit the needs and processes of the customer.