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State Employees' Credit Union praises Micro Focus's outstanding professional services

3:25 | Shannon J. Strong, Sr. VP Project Services, State Employees' Credit Union

Micro Focus has provided the State Employees' Credit Union with Silk testing tools for over seven years. SECU's senior vice president says, "Micro Focus is a trusted partner because I feel like we work together, and that's what makes our relationship different."

The State Employees' Credit Union is the second-largest credit union in the U.S. It uses the Silk portfolio to automate testing of its applications. A teller application used to take seven days to do a full regression test; Silk tools cut that time in half.

Silk enables SECU to:
  • Manage test processes
  • Keep all aspects of testing in a central location
  • Assign test scripts electronically

Outstanding customer service is nearly as important as Silk tools' capabilities. For the last seven years, SECU has enjoyed the training and support of the same professional services representative. According to the SVP of Project Services, "He has taken the time to understand our culture and understand what we're all about."

"This is a partnership," the SVP says. "It's hard to think of Micro Focus as a vendor sometimes, because I honestly feel that our success is also Micro Focus's success, and they are going to do what is best for the State Employee's Credit Union."

About Silk

The Silk portfolio helps test teams accelerate delivery of applications that perform and function consistently anytime, anywhere, on their customers' devices and platforms of choice.

Silk features powerful tools for mobile testing, performance testing of responsive web designs, cross-browser testing, and more. It is complemented by a variety of Micro Focus software delivery and testing products.