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Silk testing tools help Dutch firm improve IT performance by 50%

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A Dutch IT operations analytics company does automated testing with Silk Performer and Silk Mobile, thus ensuring high performance and availability for its clients.

Ymor helps large companies secure and optimize their IT performance, preventing and correcting slowdowns and stoppages. In choosing testing software, Ymor compared four different options and selected Silk tools, citing the software's:

  • Licensing structure
  • User experience
  • Range of enabled protocols

One of Ymor's biggest clients, a Dutch telecom, integrated 17 unique apps into one. Ymor successfully tested the entire environment with Silk Performer, setting up scripts using three different scenarios and parallel testing.

In addition to Silk Performer, Ymor uses Silk Mobile to monitor mobile availability. An open stream automatically tests every 15 minutes to ensure that all systems are performing correctly.

Quality control specialist Mark van Dorst says, "What I like about working with Micro Focus is that they are a pioneer and an enabler in an ever-evolving environment."

About Silk Performer

Silk Performer automates software load, stress, and performance testing in an open and shareable model. It’s designed to deliver a consistent user experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • Efficiently create load tests that reflect real world user behavior, configurations and conditions
  • Quickly isolate and find the root cause of performance issues with powerful diagnostics
  • Assess global readiness with unlimited scalability from the Cloud
  • Validate real-time user experience with performance tracking and transaction monitoring

Silk Performer is part of a suite of Micro Focus tools that assist in software delivery and testing.

About Ymor

Ymor is the authority in the field of IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) in the Netherlands. Using smart software and specialized knowledge, we often improve the IT performance of our customers by 50%. Our ambition is to serve 25% of the top 1,000 companies in the Netherlands.


Computer Services


The Netherlands

  • Provided a stable performance testing environment
  • Introduced a flexible licensing structure
  • Provided wide protocol and application support