Certified Novell Engineer

Your Certified Novell Engineer™ (CNE) training gives you a wide variety of network support skills that allow you to keep your company's network running efficiently—with less downtime. As a CNE, you solve advanced company-wide support problems and high-level network problems. You perform planning, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and upgrade services for networks.

Associated Course:

Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetWare Advanced Administration (3082)

Required Exams

To receive your CNE Certification, you must pass the (CNA) Foundations of Open Enterprise Server for NetWare exam (050-719), in addition to the CNE Required Exams: Open Enterprise Server for NetWare Advanced Administration (050-707) eDirectory Design & Implementation: eDirectory 8.8 (050-695)

Exam Objectives

Course 3082, Exam 050-707, Objectives

  • Migrate Your Server to OES NetWare
  • Troubleshoot Common Migration Problems
  • Using Network Management Tools
  • Identify the Troubleshooting Features of Network Management Tools
  • Identify the Purpose and Function of IP/IPX Troubleshooting Tools
  • Identify Additional Network Troubleshooting Resources
  • Identify Server Hardware and Operating System Components
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve NetWare Server Issues
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve Critical Server Abends
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve Server Communication Issues
  • Identify Micro Focus eDirectory Databases and Processes
  • Identify Micro Focus eDirectory Troubleshooting Steps
  • Use Micro Focus iMonitor Reports to Obtain Server and Micro Focus eDirectory Information
  • Perform Health Checks
  • Describe How NMAS Works
  • Manage Login and Post-Login Sequences
  • Use Graded Authentication
  • Implement Universal Password
  • Use Micro Focus iManager 2.5
  • Use the DSTRACE Utility from the Server Console
  • Manage OES NetWare IP Addresses
  • Describe How NSS Works
  • Create NSS Pools and Volumes
  • Mount CDs and DVDs as NSS Volumes
  • Encrypt NSS Volumes
  • Move and Split NSS Volumes
  • Implement Software RAID with NSS
  • Troubleshoot Common NSS Problems
  • Implement Pool Snapshot
  • Implement Versioning
  • Describe How the Server Message Block Protocol Works
  • Implement CIFS on OES NetWare
  • Prepare for a Primary Domain Controller on OES NetWare
  • Create a PDC on OES NetWare
  • Remove Domain Information From OES NetWare
  • Describe How DFS Works
  • Create Junctions
  • Enable DFS Junction Support for CIFS Clients
  • Describe How iSCSI Works
  • Configure the iSCSI Target
  • Configure the iSCSI Initiator
  • Manage iSCSI Sessions
  • Describe the Role and Function of the Apache Web Server
  • Manage the Apache Web Server
  • Describe the Role and Function of the Tomcat Servlet
  • Manage Tomcat
  • Troubleshooting Tomcat

Exam Objectives

Course 3067, Exam 050-695, Objectives

  • Describe the Purpose and Function of a Directory
  • Identify Features New to Micro Focus eDirectory 8.8
  • Identify Micro Focus eDirectory Tree Design Project Roles
  • Identify the Major Phases of the Micro Focus eDirectory Design Cycle
  • Perform a Needs Analysis
  • Identify Fundamental Directory Design Factors
  • Create an Micro Focus eDirectory Naming Standards Document
  • Design the Upper Layers of the Micro Focus eDirectory Tree
  • Design the Lower Layers of the Micro Focus eDirectory Tree
  • Build the EduTrain Tree
  • Create a User Accessibilities Needs Document
  • Create an Accessibility Guidelines Document
  • Create an Administrative Strategies Document
  • Understand Micro Focus eDirectory Partitioning and Replication
  • Plan, Design, and Implement a Partition and Replica Strategy
  • Design and Implement an SLP Strategy
  • Design and Implement a Time Synchronization Strategy
  • Validate Your Micro Focus eDirectory Design
  • Migrate Data Between LDAP Servers