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Identity Governance 3 Administration


2 Days


This course teaches Administrators how to install and configure Identity Governance, and how to collect Identity and permissions from various applications and resources. Identity Governance enables administrators and managers to certify collected information and ensure that users have only the level of access that they need to do their jobs. Sources of identities and permission for this course come from the following:

  • Identity Vault
  • Identity Manager
  • CSV files

Key Objectives

Install PostgreSQL and Tomcat for Identity Governance
Install the OSP
Install Identity Governance
Collect Identity Data
Assign Global Administrators
Collect Application Data
Build Reviews
Fulfill Requests
Create Technical Roles
Create Separation of Duties Policy
Define Business Roles Policy
Develop Access Requests Policy
Integrate Identity Reporting

Audience Summary

This course is for anyone interested in using Identity Governance to ensure that your users have focused access to those applications and resources they use and cannot access resources they do not need to access.

Course Outline

Section 1: Installing Identity Governance

Install Apache Tomcat and the PostgreSQL Database
Install One Single Sign-On Provider
Install Identity Governance

Install Identity Governance Using the GUI Installation Wizard
View the Identity Governance Database Structure

Section 2: Collecting Identity Governance Data

Verify OSP Integration
Collect Identity Governance User Data

Add an Identity Source
Configure Administrator Roles and General Settings

Add a CSV-Based Application Source and Collect Its Data
Add Identity Manager as an Application Source and Collect Application Data

Section 3: Building Identity Governance Reviews

Create a Review with Manual Fulfillment

Configure Manual Fulfillment
Create the Review

Fulfill a Review
Create and Run a Review with Automated Fulfillment

Configure Fulfillment
Create and Run a Review

Section 4: Implementing Technical Roles

Create Technical Roles

Create Technical Roles
Mine a Technical Role

Collect Mining Data
Mine a Technical Role

Perform a Technical Roles Review

Section 5: Using Identity Governance Policy

Create a Separation of Duties Policy

Define a Separation of Duties Policy
Resolve an Existing SoD Violation
Resolve a New SoD Violation

Define Business Roles Policy

Create a Business Role Policy
Mine a Business Role Policy
Build Business Role Review

Create a Business Roles Policy with Automated Fulfillment
Develop an Access Requests Policy

Create an Access Request Policy
Test the Access Request Policy

Section 6: Integrating Identity Reporting

Implement Identity Reporting


It is recommended (although not required) that attendees are familiar with

Web Applications
Active Directory
Delimited Text Files


$1,100 (11 Training Credits)