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Identity Manager 4.5 Administration


4 Days


The purpose of this course is to enable administrators to perform basic administrative tasks using Identity Manager 4.5. The course provides instruction and hands-on experience with tasks such as installing the Identity Manager Engine and drivers, configuring role-based services, eDirectory rights, and drivers, and administering Identity Manager

In addition, students learn how to use analyzer, manage policies and filters, use DSTrace to track driver content flow, and implement Identity Manager password synchronization.

Audience Summary

This course is designed for students who are new Identity Manager and need fundamental training in the basics of administering Identity Manager.

Course Outline


Section 1: Describe Identity Manager

Section 2: Install the Identity Manager Engine

Section 3: Review iManager

Section 4: Configure eDirectory Rights

Section 5: Understand Designer for Identity Manager

Section 6: Install Drivers with Package Management

Section 7: Configure Utopia Employee HR SQL Driver

Section 8: Administer Identity Manger

Section 9: Use Analyzer

Section 10: Configure Identity Manager Drivers

Section 11: Manage Policies and Filters

Section 12: Use DSTrace

Section 15: Implement Identity Manager Password Synchronization


A basic understanding of networks and networking (such as the knowledge required for the CompTIA Network+ certification) is recommended.


$1,800 / €1,800