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Identity Manager 4.5 Advanced Administration


4 days


The purpose of this course is to enable Identity Manager Adminstrators to perform advanced administrative tasks using Identity Manager 4.5. The course provides instruction and hands-on experience with tasks such as installing Identity Manager Applications, configuring self-service password reset, using the User application, and creating a roles structure.

In addition, students learn how to use the reporting module, access review with IDM, and customize the IDM Role Member report.

Audience Summary

This course is designed for students who are have a basic Identity Manager administrative skill set and knowledge, and want to enhance their administrative skills

Course Outline


Section 1: Identity Manager Applications Install

Section 2: Identity Manager Self-Service Password Reset Application

Section 3: Introduction to the User Application

Section 4: Introduce the Identity Manager Home Page

Section 5: Creating a Roles Structure

Section 6: Introduce the Reporting Module

Section 7: Access Review

Section 8: Branding the IDM Reports

Section 9: Customize the IDM Role Member


A basic understanding of networks and networking (such as the knowledge required for the CompTIA Network+ certification) and how to install and administer Identity Manager is recommended.


$1,800 / €1,800