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Open Enterprise Server Linux Advanced Administration


2 Days


The purpose of this course is to give students more advanced SUSE Linux Enterprise administrative knowledge and skills to be able to effectively work with Open Enterprise Server on a Linux platform.

Students learn how to configure the network, manage hardware, Linux processes, user access and security, automate tasks, and monitor and perform server health checks.

Students are provided a lab environment to build their administrative knowledge through a variety of exercises related to these more advanced administrative tasks.

Delivery Method

Self-Study Kit

Key Objectives

The following are key learning objectives for the course:

  • Configure the Network
  • Manage Hardware
  • Administer Linux Processes
  • Automate Tasks
  • Administer User Access and System Security
  • Monitor SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Perform a Health Check and Performance Tuning

Audience Summary

This course is for designed for students who have some experience with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and need to administer or teach Open Enterprise Server running on a Linux platform.  This can include software system administrators, help desk personnel, reseller/partner technical support staff, training partners, and networking consultants.

Course Outline


Section 1: Configure the Network

  • Objective 1: Understand Linux Network Terms
  • Objective 2: Manage the Network Configuration Information from YaST
  • Objective 3: Set Up Network Interfaces with the ip Tool
  • Objective 4: Set Up Routing with the ip Tool
  • Objective 5: Test the Network Connection with Command Line Tools
  • Objective 6: Configure the Hostname and Name Resolution

Section 2: Manage Hardware

  • Objective 1: Describe How Device Drivers Work in Linux
  • Objective 2: Describe the sysfs File System
  • Objective 3: Describe How udev Works

Section 3: Administer Linux Processes

  • Objective 1: Describe How Linux Processes Work
  • Objective 2: Manage Linux Processes

Section 4: Automate Tasks

  • Objective 1: Schedule Jobs with cron
  • Objective 2: Schedule Jobs with at

Section 5: Administer User Access and System Security

  • Objective 1: Configure User Authentication with PAM
  • Objective 2: Manage and Secure the Linux User Environment

Section 6: Monitor SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

  • Objective 1: Monitor a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server System
  • Objective 2: Use System Logging Services
  • Objective 3: Monitor Login Activity

Section 7: Perform a Health Check and Performance Tuning

  • Objective 1: Find Performance Bottlenecks
  • Objective 2: Reduce System and Memory Load
  • Objective 3: Optimize the Storage System
  • Objective 4: Time the Network Performance


Students should be familiar with the knowledge and skills taught in Course 3145: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Fundamentals for Open Enterprise Server. A basic understanding of networks and networking (such as the knowledge required for the CompTIA Network+ certification) is also recommended.


$1,100 / €1,100