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Certified Instructor Program

Micro Focus Certified Instructor Program Overview

The Micro Focus Certified Instructor program provides resources, training, content and support for individuals authorized to deliver Micro Focus training courses.  The program facilitates teamwork between Micro Focus Education Services, Certified Instructors, and Commercial Training Partners to provide training to customers on Micro Focus products and solutions.

Interested in Taking Part in the Program?


    • To become a Micro Focus Certified Instructor you must be able to prove your teaching abilities by supplying us with appropriate documentation. This includes a copy of any instructor certifications from other software companies, academic teaching certificates, or a formal endorsement from a current Micro Focus Training Partner or Certified Instructor.
    • Once accepted into the program, Certified Instructors are expected to prove product proficiency by passing a product certification exam, a partner specialization test, or enroll in and complete relevant product courses. We will require a copy of the certificate for passing the exam or course completion.
    • Certified Instructors will be expected to re-certify every two years. For products without certifications, instructors must complete course work or attend train-the-trainer sessions every year for their product specialization to demonstrate continued involvement in teaching Micro Focus solutions.
    • The first teach for a new instructor will be a co-teach with another Micro Focus Instructor or Certified Instructor. Where another instructor is not available, the first teach will be audited by a Micro Focus Education Services staff member.
    • Certified Instructors must maintain acceptable levels of NPS quality scores determined from the course survey.
    • Those applying to the program will be required to sign a Micro Focus standard Non-Disclosure Agreement.
    • Instructors cannot sign up to the program with a personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). Applicants must sign up with a business or academic institution domain email address.

Program Benefits

    • No fee is required to be part of the program.
    • Publication of your contact details on the Micro Focus Training Partner website to facilitate Training Partners’ access to Certified Instructors.
    • Access to training materials in preparation for teaching a course. Use is restricted to the Instructor and these material must not be used by or passed to anyone being taught or known by the instructor.
    • Discounts on Micro Focus instructor-led courses and exams.
    • Access to Certified Instructor badges and Program Marks to display on your website, social media, business cards, in advertising and publicity materials, etc.
    • Instructors who consistently maintain high NPS scores will receive the distinction of Preferred Instructor. Preferred Instructors will have access to additional badges and Program Marks. They also become first choice instructors for our instructor-led training courses.
    • Access to the benefits of the Partner Program – see: https://microfocuspartner.force.com/s/.

How to Join the Program

Micro Focus is looking for professional instructors to add to the Certified Instructor program.  Proof of teaching capability is required to join the program. Click on the “Sign up today” link below for how to provide proof.

Sign up today to become a Micro Focus Certified Instructor and partner with us to train the next generation of IT experts!

Click on the button below and email us the required materials to start your application process.

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