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Certified Instructor Portal

Procedures & Requirements

General Questions

If you have any questions or concerns please email

Surveys and NPS Scores

Education Services relies heavily on data to successfully maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. As a Certified Instructor representing Micro Focus, not only do we ask you to always strive for greatness but to encourage students to take the course survey. The course survey will contain questions regarding the course, the environment, and the instructor. Instructors who maintain high NPS scores from the surveys will be awarded with Preferred Instructor status. This not only gives you access to program marks and badges of distinction, it also means you will be the first choice instructor for the courses you are certified to teach.

Course Enhancements

If you find issues in our course content, please send us documentation of the issues and their resolutions. If you modify one of our Micro Focus courses and develop a new course to teach your students, please send a copy of this course to It is interesting for us to see how people make use of our material and we may even consider revising our materials accordingly to meet the needs that you have identified.

If you do participate in any course enhancements or revisions and we determine that participation as a significant contribution, we will include your name on the course manuals.

Access Rights

Access to the resources available under this program are controlled by eDirectory entitlements. These will be assigned to the people from your institution involved in the program when they join up. If you require any changes to the people who have access please email so that we can update our systems accordingly.


Program Benefits

    • Access to training materials for the Instructors’ personal development. Use is restricted to the Instructor and this material must not be used by or passed to anyone being taught or known by the Instructor.
    • Access to On-Demand Training and Digital Learning for the Instructors’ personal development
    • Publication of the Instructors’ contact details on the Micro Focus Training Partner website to allow Training Partners to find you and thus offer work.
    • Use of the Program Marks in publicity material and documentation. Education Services will also provide a Certified Instructor badge to share on social media and your website.

Features of the Program

Access Course Materials

Course materials will be given to Instructors when contracted to teach a Micro Focus course. The course content is for preparation and teaching purposes only. This content is only for use of the Instructor and must not be disseminated to others.

For any additional information email Education Services Training Coordinator you work with or send an email to

Public Courses and Exams

Certified Instructors can receive a 15% discount when enrolling in Micro Focus Education Services’ instructor-led courses and exams. Instructors can find a catalog of Education Services’ courses and exams on Education Central. Click here to search our catalog and sign up for courses to improve your knowledge or exams to prove your proficiency.

Program Marks and Badges

Instructors can access the Certified Instructor Program Marks here. If you have not received an email for your Certified Instructor badge, send an email to

If you received Preferred Instructor status but have not received the Preferred Instructor Program Marks or badges, please send an email to Badges should be available via our Acclaim database.

Partner Portal and Benefits

As a Partner, you have access to all the benefits our Partners enjoy via the Partner Portal. You can find access to the Partner Portal here and explore the various benefits Micro Focus offers our partners.

Instructor Contact