White Paper

The Modern Mainframe – Automated, Protected, Connected

IDC believes that traditional host platforms are well suited to play a pivotal role in digital transformation. This white paper looks at secure application access, RPA benefits, and hurdles on host systems and provides an overview of some of the solutions to overcome these hurdles.

In this IDC white paper, learn how you can:

  • Integrate hosts with modern platforms to ensure maximum yield with application delivery.
  • Position your company to support new revenue- generating business models that leverage digital technologies.
  • Avoid data breaches that cause revenue loss, reputational loss, and more.

The Vital Role of the Modern Mainframe

See how modern mainframe solutions can bring the value of your investments into the future.

One critical security factor for host systems is secure application access — the ability to manage terminal emulation and access to a host in a way that lives up to modern security standards.”

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