Advanced ITSM—What It Is and Why You Need It

Does your ITSM meet current and future business needs? Are older ITSM capabilities still fit for purpose? Learn what advanced ITSM is, why you need it, and how it builds on traditional ITSM to deliver the IT and business outcomes your organization demands.

Topics covered include:

  • Why ITSM must change.
  • Building the right foundation for advanced ITSM.
  • Advancing your business with advanced ITSM.

Employee Experience—A Key Driver for Advanced ITSM

The experience triangle highlights the challenges that ITSM teams face when trying to optimize experience across three factors—capabilities, productivity, and cost.

Change is never easy. But the benefits—satisfying employee expectations, supporting new ways of working, strengthening performance management, and meeting corporate demands for digital innovation—are worth it."

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