Next Generation IT Operations

A resource to help you on your journey to Hybrid IT management .


Most enterprises have moved ahead with public and private clouds. Yet Hybrid IT management systems and processes which allow the management of applications spanning multiple public clouds, private clouds, and traditional systems are still not common. 

This is an AHAbookTM with bite sized guidance, tips, and inspiration for your journey to the next generation of IT Operations – Hybrid IT management.


  • Foreword by Luke Bradley  
  • Foreword by Toine Jenniskens, Rabobank 
  • Foreword by Travis Greene, Micro Focus 
  • Introduction 
  • Section I - The Changing  Role of IT and Business 
  • Section II - Moving to Cloud and Managing Multiple Vendors 
  • Section III - Ensuring Ongoing Security and Compliance 
  • Section IV - Monitoring, Dashboards, and Reporting 
  • Section V - Automated AIOps and Remediation 
  • Section VI - Ensuring Service-Level Agreements 
  • Section VII - The Future of IT Operations 
  • Section VIII – Conclusion 
Next Generation IT Operations
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