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Case study

JDA Software uses Silk Test to move forward with full confidence in the application testing process


In today’s hyper-competitive omni-channel world, getting store assortment right is critical. But with diverse and changing consumer needs across the chain, how can you maximize the sales and profit potential of both assortments and space? Over 4,000 customers, including major retailers rely on JDA Software to do just that, helping them achieve maximum profits out of each store.

JDA’s category management solution can be used out-of-the-box, but there are also many customization opportunities available for customers. Steven Williams, Quality Assurance Engineer at JDA Software, explains why testing is such a key part of the software development process: “We operate an agile development process and conduct up to three builds during a two-week sprint period. Having automated testing support is absolutely crucial to ensure we can do the effective functional and regression testing necessary before we release new versions to our customers. JDA Software solutions are available in many languages: Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean etc. which all need to be fully tested before release.”


JDA is a long-time user of Silk Test to support its automated testing requirements. A major annual release cycle manages customer enhancement requests and non-urgent bug fixes. Customers can vote online on what new features they would like to see in the solutions and JDA will take this into serious consideration when prioritizing new features.

Williams on the daily use of Silk Test: “I install every new build for the software, build the databases, and then run Silk Test against it to ensure that nothing has been adversely affected by any new features or changes that are introduced. We also have a Jenkins build machine which launches Silk Test automatically to test every form and process within a new build. Our whole suite of regression tests spans over 1,000 test cases for each new build.”

Part of JDA Category Management is JDA Planogram Generator which is very popular among its retail customers. The planogram models the most effective placement of retail products on shelves in order to maximize profits. Silk Test is used to ensure that JDA customers have full confidence in the planogram generator.

Williams likes the hands-off nature of Silk Test: “I love that I can just set Silk Test running on a virtual machine and go off and do other jobs. Every sprint automatically triggers a regression test and if there are any issues they will be flagged in the results report. I then use this to issue support tickets to get any problems fixed before we release the software.”


As a long-time Silk Test user, Williams finds it hard to imagine any other way: “I really don’t know what the Silk Test alternative would be. Having it in place helps deliver a higher quality product and it gives confidence that everything is working before we release any software to our customers.”

He concludes: “We have received excellent support from Micro Focus over the years. Recently, a Silk Test hot fix addressed a truncation issue for us which has been really helpful. Overall, the speed, ease of testing, and the confidence it gives us are key benefits in my opinion. I would be happy if I could continue using Silk Test forever!”

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JDA Software case study

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