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Monitor critical files, systems, and applications in real time across hybrid environments to detect unauthorized privileged activity.

Change Guardian

Detect unauthorized changes to critical platforms and systems

NetIQ Change Guardian helps reduce the risk of insider and targeted attacks by providing intelligent, real-time monitoring of unauthorized or inadvertent changes across all major platforms and services, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, UNIX, Linux, and AWS.

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Get visibility into unauthorized changes that could lead to a security breach

Security event data is provided in real-time, giving you visibility into access information about who, what, when, and where so you can identify and respond to potential threats. NetIQ Change Guardian integrates with most security information and event management (SIEM) solutions for enhanced analysis and remediation.

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Get automated administration for security and regulatory requirements

Intelligently manage changes to different types of access information, including the who, what, when, and where, so you can reduce the time spent responding to suspicious activity. Change Guardian helps you prevent security breaches and compliance violations.

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Monitor and report on access to critical files and data

NetIQ Change Guardian helps you demonstrate compliance. It provides detailed audit reports of privileged user activity across multiple platforms, enabling you to support internal and external regulations and compliance mandates more easily.

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Automate security and regulatory configuration policies for privileged users and accounts

NetIQ Change Guardian supports a zero trust strategy with automated policy and regulatory controls of privileged users and accounts across your IT environment. When security and configuration policy is consistently implemented across IT platform silos, you can trust that users and accounts with privileged access aren’t leaving you vulnerable to a breach or failed audit.

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