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Thwart breaches, support governance, and prove compliance with a scalable privileged access management solution. NetIQ Privileged Account Manager provides insight into your entire identity lifecycle management of privileged users and accounts using risk scoring, monitoring, activity recording, and controls that enable you to improve your organization’s security posture.

Privileged Account Manager

Manage and identify privileged credentials

Identify privileged credentials and dependencies across the enterprise to streamline the implementation of privileged account management.

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Implement privileged access security controls

Implement security controls that apply policies based on identity attributes to ensure that the principle of “least privilege” is being applied.

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Mitigate, track, and record privileged activity

Track and record privileged activity to thwart breaches and support governance and compliance throughout the entire identity lifecycle.

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Focused privileged access information

Integration with ArcSight Intelligence provides UEBA risk calculations based on identity type and associated activity, providing intelligence into determining if an identity should have elevated privileges at that time. The risk-aware capability can spot anomalies otherwise unaccounted for in the privileged ecosystem.

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Dynamic, scalable privileged access management

Leverage NetIQ Privileged Account Manager to provide the oversight and automation required to implement a comprehensive Zero Trust strategy. Find the right balance between user productivity and keeping your most important assets, computers, databases, and applications safe. Active session management identifies suspicious activity and allows for just-in-time termination.

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