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Micro Focus


INSPIRE 20 aims to showcase 20 executives around the world who are
making a difference in inclusion & diversity (I&D), either in their own organisations,
communities or more broadly in the industry.

As part of Micro Focus INSPIRE, our corporate social responsibility program, Micro Focus is committed to helping address the lack of diversity in the technology industry starting with the classroom and leading to the boardroom. We are proud to showcase these outstanding executives and take a leadership role in sharing best practices to help address the lack of diversity in the technology industry.

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Inspire 20

“No single action or organization alone can address the lack of diversity in our industry,” said Genefa Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer at Micro Focus. “We believe it is key to engage in multi-faceted, multi-stakeholder partnerships that help address the challenges that may impede progression, providing more role models and creating inclusive learning environments as well as workplaces to drive improvements in diversity and inclusion at all levels. INPSIRE 20 is an attempt at shining a light on the principles and values industry executives are implementing to inspire change at all levels of the enterprise and beyond.”

Diversity and inclusion, amongst other social responsibility topics, can be forgotten priorities in the corporate world. Micro Focus believes that diverse teams make better decisions, are more creative at finding alternatives to problems and are overall more likely to produce better outcomes.

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