eDiscovery Solutions

eDiscovery Solutions

End-to-end, market leading eDiscovery (electronic discovery) solutions that help corporations and law firms prepare for, and react to, legal matters and investigations.

eDiscovery 解决方案

Micro Focus eDiscovery 解决方案跨越整个电子发现参考模型 (EDRM) 框架 — 允许各组织在一个平台中执行 eDiscovery 和调查,无需在转换工具或供应商方面耗费任何成本和承担任何风险。

Legal hold

Manage and lock down electronic information to mitigate risk of accidental data spoliation with legal hold software.

Early case assessment

Rapidly analyze and gain insight into large document collections for strategic legal advantage.

Review and Analytics

Drive significant savings into the most time- and cost-consuming aspect of eDiscovery software.


Meet the demands of internal, regulatory and federal investigation inquiries, quickly and efficiently through eDiscovery.

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