File Analysis Suite

File Analysis Suite helps organizations quickly find, protect and secure sensitive and high-value data.

Minimize data along with information risk, while ensuring data privacy on the path to digital transformation.

In addition, our File Analysis solutions ensure data security, lifecycle management, data access governance, mapping and classification – while enabling key data insights and analysis that drive and protect the business.

Risk Mitigation
Risk Mitigation

Identification of sensitive data, assessment of access rights privileges and detection of risk-sensitive data and anomalies, providing deep content and metadata analysis, reporting, auto-classification, policy development and controls for, among other things, access to data via classification according to risk and security needs with sensitive data dashboards and unauthorized use and access alerting.

Data Governance and Compliance
Data Governance and Compliance

Data governance and IT Modernization providing data mapping, discovery, tagging, trained machine-learning based classification, with active and passive remediation of data. Utilizing policy-based scanning to identify data, manage data-in-place, preserve high-value data in a secure long-term repository and quickly respond to internal and external information requests like audits, consumer and data subject access requests and legal investigations.

Data Insight and Analytics
Data Insight and Analytics

Detailed data analytics, providing analysis of all organizational data from a centralized dashboard interface view to address complex data privacy regulations. In addition, identify key data insights that protect the business and identify complex risk scenarios. With ability to connect to and monitor the most common sources of personal and sensitive data.

Efficiency and Optimization
Efficiency and Optimization

Content analysis and classification capabilities drive key business decisions around data efficiency and optimization that reduces storage footprint drives the data lifecycle and enables digital transformation. Automatically scan, index, and optimize data, enabling data reduction, migration, minimization, application retirement, and ROT Management.

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