ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

借助强大、可扩展、高效的 SIEM 安全软件实时处理网络威胁。

ArcSight- 与 Micro Focus“携手共进”

观看 Micro Focus 安全产品组首席产品官 John Delk,讨论 ArcSight 如何采用以客户为中心的创新访问以及其在 Micro Focus 的未来。

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SIEM’s first distributed correlation solution

With ArcSight ESM 7.0, SOCs gain the agility to expand their cyber security footprint and respond faster to evolving threats at massive scale—up to 100,000 correlated events per second, per cluster—as well as solve a wider set of security use cases.

Micro Focus State of Security Operations Report finds SOCs finally turn corner
Micro Focus State of Security Operations Report finds SOCs finally turn corner


Network 1

实时收集数据和关联事件 - 每秒多达 75,000 个事件 - 在平台内升级违反内部规则的威胁。


允许您的 SOC 监控团队通过 ArcSight 指挥中心 (ACC) 有效且高效地分配检测到的警报。

Cloud gear
Community-driven security content

Benefit from security rule-sets, dashboards and reports developed by SOC experts from Micro Focus and the ArcSight Community. ArcSight Activate includes hundreds of use case solutions and ESM packages to solve your information event management security requirements.

Block based replication


ArcSight 数据平台,兼容 ArcSight Investigate



针对 400 多个单个具体的数据点,增强和丰富事件变量和信息。

ArcSight’s best-in-class SIEM solution

As a leader in security event collection and management, ArcSight is able to deliver best-in-class solutions to its clients. Obrela uses ArcSight to enhance their cybersecurity and SecOps capabilities and offerings. ArcSight's open, scalable, and highly effective platform allows Obrela to provide top-level SecOps to its customers for critical cybersecurity needs. How could ArcSight help enhance your SOC and meet your cybersecurity needs?


为何 ArcSight 仍是安全运维的基础

近二十年来,顶级大企业使用 ArcSight 并且不打算终止的五个理由。

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