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Secure sensitive data wherever it flows—on premises, in the cloud, and in big data analytic platforms. Voltage encryption delivers data privacy protection, neutralizes data breach, and drives business value through secure data use.

SecureData Enterprise

Simplify global privacy compliance with data-centric protection

Data protection builds customer trust and enables compliance to global regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. Privacy regulations recommend encryption, pseudonymization, and anonymization to protect personal data. Voltage SecureData enables enterprises to de-identify sensitive structured data and support the use of data in its protect state to safely drive business value.

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Encrypt at source, decrypt rarely, protect persistently

Ensure that applications operate on secure data flowing through the enterprise with no gaps, no decryption, and no performance overhead. SecureData supports the broadest range of platforms and encrypts data in any language. Structured Data Manager integrates SecureData so that businesses can easily and continuously protect data throughout the lifecycle, from discovery to encryption, usage monitoring, and reporting.

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Protect data across multi-cloud hybrid IT

Gain cloud benefits and keep control of “crown jewel” data assets and keys with persistent encryption. Fully secure workloads wherever data flows. Voltage encryption enables the adoption of a continuous data protection model in multi-cloud environments and native cloud-services integrations.

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Protect data for secure analytics, faster insights

Encrypt sensitive data in analytics platforms and data lakes in the cloud and on premises, (including Vertica, Snowflake, Teradata, Hadoop, and many others), to increase access to data for faster insights and innovation. Voltage encryption techniques retain relationships in protected data and the ability to glean insights, while dramatically reducing the risk of data breach and data privacy non-compliance.

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Reduce PCI audit scope and costs

Cut up to 85% of PCI DSS audit scope and costs and reduce breach risk. Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) enables PCI DSS compliance in retail merchant, payment processor, and consumer-facing enterprise environments worldwide. SST delivers high performance to support geographically diverse data centers and scales easily for business growth.

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