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NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration

Govern access to resources, adapt to risk, and improve business agility with a comprehensive IGA platform that scales to billions of identities.

Improve business agility

You need a way to manage fast-moving organizational changes, evolving compliance requirements, and constantly changing applications and services. With NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration, you'll be able to automate and streamline access requests, access certification, identity lifecycle management, provisioning, and compliance reporting. You'll save time, reduce human error, and keep teams productive.

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Govern access to resources

With a unified governance framework, you can determine who has access to which resources and whether that access is appropriate. You'll be able to define and enforce identity governance controls, including detection of excessive access, orphaned accounts, and separation of duties violations. And you'll be audit-ready with out-of-the-box reports that demonstrate compliance at the push of a button.

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Adapt to risk

With event-based, bi-directional synchronization and reconciliation, you'll be able to detect changes as they happen in connected systems. This means you'll have a near real-time view of your environment and can identify high-risk changes before any damage is done. You'll be able to adjust access automatically or alert managers to take action via micro-certifications, resulting in better protection of your organization's digital assets.

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