ALM Octane


Quality management

Quality is a foundational tenet of ALM Octane. It supports a variety of testing types and frameworks, including manual, Gherkin, and automated tests. Leverage your existing test assets by importing manual tests and using SCM to reuse relevant automated tests. Testing results (UFT, Selenium, Performance Center, etc.) are visible in the dashboard. The Pipeline module collects build, test run, and commit information to more effectively analyze quality, measure progress, identify change impact, and determine code coverage.

Enterprise Agile

ALM Octane can scale your Agile process to the entire Enterprise. It is architected to support thousands of concurrent users with customized workspace configurations and corporate level visibility and support for Safe 4.0, DaD, Spotify, etc. ALM Octane maintains high levels of governance and compliance while accelerating delivering. The integration with Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM) helps teams make more informed portfolio investment decisions. The integration supports creation of portfolio epics in PPM and execution in ALM Octane.

Comprehensive platform capabilities

The robust governance framework provides rich audit history and traceability with support for business rule engines, customizable forms, and user roles permissions through Directory, LDAP, and SSO (for SaaS). Reporting capabilities provide enterprise visibility with end to end KPI tracking and data visualizations of test coverage metrics, risk assessment, and build failures. OData export integrates with Tableau, Power BI, and many others.

Adaptable to your business process

Many organizations need to maintain mission critical systems with a high level of governance and compliance. But they have a business need to deliver some projects with faster velocity, so they use Agile practices. Managing this complexity is challenging. ALM Octane is the only product that natively supports Waterfall, Hybrid, and Agile methodologies at enterprise scale with quality management built in.


Openness & integrations are key investments for ALM Octane. There’s no need to replace your existing tools to scale Agile across your organization. Leverage out of box integrations with open source and 3rd party commercial tools to achieve comprehensive lifecycle management with end-to-end visibility. In addition to the REST API, other integrations include: ALM, TFS, JIRA, Jenkins, Git, Visual Studio, etc.

Continuous pipelines and delivery

The pipelines module provides real time status into CI/CD ecosystems. Through CI and SCM integrations, ALM Octane can track committed changes, identify code vulnerabilities, and track commits associated with specific user stories and defects. The easy to understand build metrics identify possible root causes of failure.

ALM Octane editions

ALM Octane is a comprehensive lifecycle management solution designed for Enterprise Scalability, Governance, and Interoperability. It accelerates your organization’s ability to deliver high-quality applications at enterprise scale and unlock the value of investments you’ve already made. ALM Octane is available in three different editions: Enterprise, Pro, and Team to meet your organization’s needs.

ALM Octane comparison table

Module / Functionality Team Edition Pro Edition Enterprise Edition
Dashboard Module x x x
My Work x x x
Requirements Module x x
Backlog Module (Epics + Releases) x x
Team Backlog Module x x x
Pipeline Module x x x
IDE Plugins x x x
Quality Module x x
Manual & Gherkin Tests x x x
Automated Test Execution & Test Suites x x
Security Integration – Fortify x x
Defects Module x x
Collaboration with Slack x x
Synchronizer x x
Shared Workspace x
Open REST APIs x x x
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Tue Jun 11 14:13:41 PDT 2019