Fortify on Demand

How it Works

Step 1: Initiate
  • Create and customize applications.
  • Choose your desired assessment type.
  • Upload source code, byte code or binaries, or provide URL of target application.
Step 1. Initiate
Step 2: Assess
  • Micro Focus security professionals perform an assessment and verify results.
  • Verifiable false-positives are removed from the system before results are published with a star-rating and assessment against pass/fail criteria.
  • Lightning-fast turnaround time (typically a few hours) depending upon assessment level and type.
Step 2: Assess
Step 3: Report
  • Communicate relevant metrics, filtering by severity, vulnerability category, business unit, region or other company data.
  • Quickly show identified critical vulnerabilities, applications at highest risk and trending history.
Step 3: Report
Step 4: Remediate
  • Click on the application name to get up-to-date audit information: scan owner, analysis type and any notes.
  • Drill down even further for stack trace, line of code details, request/response and remediation recommendations.
  • Manage and assign remediation tasks through the portal.
Step 4. Remediate
Step 5: Retest

    1. Request

          Request a remediation scan in the Fortify on Demand portal

    2. Verify

          The Micro Focus Security Team will personally verify that the items have been correctly remediated

    3. Update

           The updated assessment data will be provided to the portal

Static assessment
Upload source code, byte code or binaries.

Dynamic assessment
Provide URL and credentials of target application.

Mobile assessment
Upload binary (e.g. APK or IPA) for desired application.

Ready to get started?

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