StormRunner Functional

Functional Testing as a Service

A cloud based automated functional testing solution that allows engineers to test their web and mobile applications intelligently and continuously, with an optimized ROI.

Cloud gear
Software as a Service

Test your app directly in your browser, get automatic and regular updates.

Get Started in minutes

Run tests against hundreds of browser/OS combinations with just a few clicks.

Hassle-free test lab

Stop wasting valuable time on your test lab, and focus on your app. Tell us what you need and we'll set it up.​​​​

Leverage existing test assets

Don't start from scratch! Run your scripts and tests remotely, or upload them to SRF for faster run times.

Advanced root cause analysis

Use SRF reports to investigate and isolate issues in your app. Submit defects to your favorite lifecycle management tool.

Thin Bld
One-stop shop for all your testing needs

Run automated or exploratory tests using Micro Focus products (UFT and LeanFT), or go open-source (Selenium / Appium).

Key Features

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Wed Jul 10 03:59:45 PDT 2019