Silk Test


Silk Test 的主要功能

本產品能夠在任何桌面和行動瀏覽器中利用現有的 Selenium 指令碼、取得自訂的圖形化結果,亦可在任何瀏覽器中記錄新的程式碼片段以擴展現有指令碼。此外,您可以透過內建的同步處理功能來編寫指令碼,而無需手動同步處理非同步事件。Silk Test 同時支援任何網路型應用程式,無論其採用的技術是 Angular、Knockout、React、HTML5、Apache Flex 或 Microsoft Silverlight。您能夠藉由本產品來記錄會感知解析度的指令碼,藉此確保功能測試中涵蓋所有相關的螢幕尺寸。一次記錄,隨處重新執行。


在幾分鐘內為 iOS 和 Android 應用程式建立自動測試集,並在多個裝置上運行它們,以進行有效的迴歸、跨平台和當地語系化測試。

整合 Docker 測試

Silk Test 可以在 Docker 執行 Silk4J 測試,以支援持續整合(CI)和持續部署(CD)管道。透過 CI 伺服器,例如 Jenkins、Bamboo、Team City 等,也可自動觸發功能測試。使用 Silk Test 的 Docker 化測試,新增和建置新的測試環境變得輕鬆有效率。


Silk Test 適用在不同的技術,無論是舊版應用程式、最新的網路或行動應用程式。無須為不同技術投資不同產品,便可達到測試自動化。

透過測試網路、行動、豐富型客戶端和企業應用程式(包括 SAP 和 Oracle Forms 已封裝應用程式),可標準化驗證工作。透過自動化的功能測試和迴歸測試,以及針對各式案例和不同資料執行,可加快測試速度。也可將手動測試自動化並自主執行。藉由直覺式的介面來建立、自訂和執行測試,或使用 Eclipse IDE 或 Visual Studio .NET,讓您可以在偏好的環境中工作。

Selenium on steroids

Leverage existing Selenium scripts and run them against any desktop and mobile browser, gain customized graphical results, and extend existing Selenium scripts by recording new snippets in any browser. Built-in synchronization allows you to write scripts without the need to manually synchronize asynchronous events. For even more reliable and stable Selenium test execution leverage Silk Test’s built in capabilities to virtualize backend services.

Cross-browser testing made easy

Use Silk Test to create a single test script for Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on Mac and iOS, and Chrome and Stockbrowser on Android. This makes test scripts easier to maintain and case logic remains focused on the use case, cutting test development time by up to 80%.

Rapidly build cross-platform automation tests. Create a single, portable test script once and execute against all supported browsers, without the need to invest time in understanding browser specifics.

Mobile testing

Reliable, efficient test automation for native, web, and hybrid mobile applications. Create mobile automated tests set for iOS and Android applications within minutes and run them on multiple devices for effective regression, cross-platform, and localization testing.

  • Robust test automation: Replicate the real end-user experience by supporting gestures like touch, multi-touch or swipe. Run tests on real physical devices, without the need to root your device, or on an emulator to save hardware costs.
  • Time saving test creation: Instead of tedious manual edits to a recorded script, Silk Test lets you efficiently choose higher level actions such as building blocks to increase accuracy of test scripts.
  • Securely share test devices: Centralize device management and provide global access within the organization’s secure private network and support the needs of a globally-distributed test team.
Dockerized testing

Silk Test allows you to run your Silk4J tests in Docker to support your continuous-integration (CI) and continuous-deployment (CD) pipelines. Functional tests can also be automatically triggered by any CI server, for example, Jenkins, Bamboo, Team City, and others. Easily and efficiently add and provision new test environments with Silk Test’s Dockerized testing. Link to video: Running Tests in Docker Containers

Testing against virtualized services

Web applications typically consist of an HTML-based front-end and back-end services, which provide particular functionality like credit-card processing or user-management. But since the front-end heavily depends on those back-end services, if the back-end is not accessible or is under development, it is hard or even impossible to continue testing the frond-end. With the new embedded Service Virtualization capabilities of Silk4J, the back-end services no longer bottleneck development testers. Instead, you can simply simulate key services and avoid the wait for the back-end to be ready. Using Service Virtualization with Silk4J is as simple as recording a test case.

Collaborative test design

Business and technical stakeholders work seamlessly together, regardless of technical skillset. Silk Test provides easy-to-use, code free testing with built-in workflow and logic wizards. This makes it easy for business teams and domain experts to contribute to test design, ensuring test coverage of the full range of customer usage patterns. Silk Test provides the right interface for any user type and shift-left test creation.

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