Achieve more teamwork and collaboration through interactive chat and dynamic conversations.


Available as an add-on product with Enterprise Messaging, Teamworks is a secure, enterprise-level chat collaboration workspace application. Give your teams and coworkers a platform to collaborate with each other in a dynamic digital workspace. Interested parties can use topic-based chat rooms to add their insights on a project in real time, breaking down communication silos and boosting team productivity.

More interactive than email

In today’s mobile and fast-paced world, working with a team through email can be unwieldy and lead to downtime. Instantly engage your teams and co-workers in real time through a fun, dynamic digital workspace that gets the job done more quickly.

Lock key
More secure and convenient than phone

Making calls in public creates the risk that confidential business discussions can be overheard. Teamworks gives you instantaneous and secure communication with your team members or co-workers, even while on the go.

face to face
Break down communication barriers

Emails often limit communication to those inside your organization when there may be other experts who could contribute. Teamworks can provide topic-driven conversation rooms in which all interested parties can add their insights.

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Fun, productive teamwork

With Teamworks, you can instantly share pictures to enhance a discussion. You can also get notified when people have replied or added to the conversation. Freely join and leave conversation rooms as your interests, teams, and projects evolve, and more.

Accelerate success
Quickly get up to speed on a conversation

Joining the conversation instantly gives you access to a robust conversation history. It’s easy to catch up on a project because joining any conversation means you get instant access to its entire history, including the project’s media and files.

Seamlessly integrated with email

Get both email and chat-driven teamwork in a single interface that enables users to move seamlessly between the two as needed. Access your team chats and rooms directly from the GroupWise® 18 (or above) email client.

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